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Ruskingirl-Hi again! I think you are asking a good question. Too bad your doc blew if off. How soon until you will see the parathyroid surgeon? Also, what is your supplemental intake of calcium and vit.d now? Also, do you get exposure to the sun for some of your d?

From personal experience with consistent calcium serum highest level in range readings and a few about .5 out of range on high side, the endo. told me to cut my calcium supplement intake by 1/3. I am also on a drug called forteo which is the only drug prescribed that can actually build bone. Forteo can elevate calcium as well. In the literature a specialist from Cleveland Clinic advises that if patients on forteo go hypercalcemic that he cuts the amount of their calcium and d supplements.

So, reasoning from the above I would think that you should wait until you talk to the surgeon about his/her opinion before raising these supplements yourself so you don't raise calcium levels. But, probably you should continue your research to expand your knowledge base while waiting.

This is just my take on it.

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