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Re: Pardon My Brag
Jun 26, 2007
Hi ChronnieToo: I hope your insurance pays for the extra time on Forteo. You're right about the Medicare rule, you can have a dexa more often if you are on a new treatment. I had one done in Dec of 2005 and then one last month, but the dr had to put the info on the script that I was on a new treatment (drug) so they will pay for it. If you look at Medicares NCD manual online you can read through it and it will give you all the info on coverage and exceptions to that.

Actually the dexa I had last month show great gains I just haven't posted it yet because the numbers are a bit hard to believe. I'm seeing a Mineral Metabolism dr/phd at a Univ hospital, and she's in the osteo research facility there, and she needs to look at the results before I know for sure what they are. The problem is that I've had 2 QCT's and one DXA so the numbers are really different. The QCT overestimates the score and the DXA underestimates it but is closer to your actual numbers. I started out at -3.6 in the lumbar spine (QCT) then went to -3.4 the next year and now I'm in the high osteopenia range. QCT doesn't scan the hip so I have no hip numbers to compare to. I want the dr to recalculate my scores to see how much of this improvment is treatment related, vs over/underestimation of scanners. She claims she can do that, so we'll see. The only other thing I can do to compare these #'s is to have another QCT, but I wanted to get my hip numbers from the DXA so I have something to use in the future. Oh, I'm not on any supplemental calcium either, but for different reasons.

Let us know how the Forteo situation goes, my dr teaches as well but won't let me stay on it. Fantastic news...

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