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Hi all,

I recently was diagnosed with osteoporosis and I'm worried, since this decline has come fairly rapidly, even though I'm 12 years post surgical menopause. I'm suspecting my diet may be partly to blame--I have big-time diet restrictions due to IBS, and my lousy digestion and tummy issues have made me lose weight recently. I do the best I can, but maybe I could do better if I knew a little more.

I'm very uneasy about most drugs and side effects and am wondering about how well other approaches might work, i.e., exercise, supplements, whatever. Does anybody have any experience with the juvent vibrating machines (don't know if I can say the company names)? I'm not talking about the WBV machines that are meant for athletic workouts, like the kind Madonna is supposedly using. I just ordered one--this company has, by far, the most research for bone building, mostly done at SUNY Stony Brook--I read about this researcher many years ago in National Geographic. His product has been studied by the Army and NASA and is currently in long-term clinical trials for FDA approval. It's quite a fascinating technology and there have been numerous studies; it's marketed everywhere except the US as an osteoporosis treatment.'s far from a sure thing. I haven't been able to find any mention of this approach on this board, so I'm wondering why, if it's as good as I hope it is. I'm thinking it's kinda of a can't-hurt-might-help thing, and along the same lines, I'm starting a more strenuous exercise program as well.

I've been reading some of your posts about ezorb and strontium, and I was wondering about these. Is ezorb just calcium aspartate? Is it supposed to be all that different from calcium citrate? It sounds like some people have had good results with it, but I wonder why one organic salt would be that different from another. Is the aspartate form supposed to be more absorbable? Right now I get the majority of my calcium from rice milk--can't drink dairy or soy milk, and am scared of the calcium supplements I've tried so far because they are instantly--seriously--constipating to me, in a very painful way. But I'm willing to try anything. The rice milk calcium is tricalcium phosphate, which is probably constipating, too, but I don't get a whole lot at one time--maybe that's why I tolerate it. But it may not be getting absorbed very well, either. I get about 1000-1200 IU of Vit D a day--am waiting for my blood work to see if that's enough. I've wondered if a Vit. K supplement would be good--but don't know about whether that's really OK to experiment with on my own, with the way it affects blood clotting.

Another question is about strontium supplements. I would expect a these would increase your BMD, because a strontium atom weighs more than twice as much as a calcium atom, and bone will take up strontium preferentially over calcium, or so I've read. So it makes sense that bones with strontium in them will be denser (more weight per volume)--but unless there has been more bone building activity than you would have gotten otherwise, I question how this would make them stronger. Does strontium also stimulate osteoblasts to make more bone? Does it affect osteoclasts at all?

I've read that the calcitonin drugs (like miacalcin) help with vertebral bone loss, at least for a while, and I thought I'd ask another doc for it--the first doc said it wouldn't help me and wanted me on a bisphosphonate, in spite of my other problems. Has anybody had any success with miacalcin or fortical?

Reading about all of your stories has made me feel so much better--just hearing about other people facing these same issues helps a lot. I can't believe there aren't ways we can re-build our bones without a lot of side effects and worry about long-term consequences. If any of you have feedback for me, I would appreciate it! ;)

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