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Hi Linnaea: Welcome to the board~~~~ It sounds like you've done a lot of research already so it's a matter of deciding what to do next, is that right?

There are some other posts on this board on Fortical (miacalcin) and I posted a link, if you want to read the FDA pdf on the clinical trials. I don't take that, but people who have a lot of gi problems seem to do well on it. It doesn't work as fast as the other meds but is still good.


Strontium is another option and I'll let the others taking that explain, but it does build new bone and slow bone loss. You may not be able to find a dr that thinks this will help you so don't be surprised. They generally like the Strontium Ranelate which isn't available in the US, over the Stron Citrate that you can get OTC here.

I'm taking Forteo which is generally used for severe bone loss, or any score below -2.5, but this is up to the physician to decide. I know that some people with higher scores take it as well. I've had no problems with it, and feel the osteosarcoma link is really overblown (IMO). Forteo is considered the fastest bone building drug, and of course I'm prejudice, since I've done so well on it.


Since you have these gi problems that really limits what you could take so I listed those that are easiest on the stomach. Of course you know to get good bone vitamins, and I like vit k, but I would check with your dr on it since it does have blood contraindications.

I'm not familiar with the juvent, but others are so they'll fill you in on that. I'm not taking calcium because I'm hypercalcemic, so just be careful with what you take and make sure that you dietary + supplemental doesn't exceed what the dr recommends. I still believe getting calcium solely from your diet is best, but some find that inconvenient. Calcium isn't a risk free mineral so make sure you're absorbing it properly and taking the right kind "for you". Ezorb is calcium asparatate, that boasts it's high ability for absorption, but again I'm not familiar with it since I can't take any supplemental calcium.

Lastly don't panic, at first this is overwhelming, but with time you will get used to it. You don't need to make major changes to your life as long as you're doing the right exercises, diet etc to begin with.

Good luck on your decisions, sorry I gave you so much to read, but knowledge is POWER!!! :wave:

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