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My apologies if the vibration therapy subject has been mauled to death on the forum whilst I've been occupied elsewhere.

What are the latest vibration therapy appliances out there?

Who has bought which one and how are you doing with it?

What good articles have you been reading about vibration therapy for osteoporosis - pros AND cons?
Hi ChronnieToo: Below is a study on different vibration platforms. Unfortunately they refer to all of them as WBV and the only way to distinguish which one is being address is by the amount of high frequency levels they emit. I know that others here are using the two different models you hear about, so maybe they'll post. I haven't used either of them. I couldn't find "any" product names listed in this study just what I mentioned above, so you will need to know the high frequency levels of whatever you're interested in.

I've been using the Soloflex WBV for over a year now. It's uncertain how much good it's doing me, because I'm also doing other things, particularly Forteo, which is probably responsible for most of my present gains. Also, my last two DEXA results were confusing (thread at)
so I'm not really sure how I'm doing now. My next endo appointment is this month.

The Juvent is certainly the WBV with the most scientific studies behind it, so if someone wants to use a WBV for osteoporosis, that's the recommended one, assuming it can be afforded.
Thank you, PikaB. I assume the good ole Juvent is one of those in the $3500+ range. A little outta our league, right? The SoloFlex being more in the range of what I could handle. I know there was one called PowerPlate if I remember correctly that was in that price range. The last one I remember reading about was the Health Mark Movin' Health Platform (aka VibraFit or Power Vibe). I didn't bother to price it since the various names for the same piece of equipment didn't sound particularly reassuring.
[QUOTE=CrohnieToo;3075085]...I assume the good ole Juvent is one of those in the $3500+ range...[/QUOTE]
Looks like it's currently selling in USA for $2250 plus shipping.
Oh, well, what's another $1000 - $1300, right?? I was just taking a ballpark guess-timate.

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