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Hi Wildflowers: I'm sure you'll do well with the injection... A positive attitude towards it can really help. That's not to say that it isn't a big step, that could cause some side effects, but hopefully you'll be like most and not have any.

Our mind is a powerful thing and if you go into something with the idea that it will work, that's half the battle.

Your question about severe osteoporosis is a good one, since I've heard differing opinions on this. According to what I've been told, and what the WHO say's about severe osteo, it's any score below -2.5 with one fragility fracture. You can read this below.


Since you haven't had a fracture, I would ask your dr if they are basing this statement on t-score alone or not.

Your blood tests look really good. Keep track of the n-telopeptide score so you can see how you progress on your next test with the Forteo. My bone mass plunged as well when I went through early meno.

Did you say your relatives had the dowagers hump, or did I misunderstand? Usually the c curve in the spine is from fractures or curvature of the spine like scoliosis. My grandmothers had the curve, but it was from osteo, and fractures.

Good luck...:angel:

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