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Hi Monteflus: Are you still up??? I am but only because my pain is keeping me awake-oh well nothing new there.

I admire your persistence with Kaiser, I don't know if I could handle the waiting. At some point we'll probably have to go on an HMO, but they do cover so much more than what we have now, it's just the constant referrals and waiting that put me off, for the time being, plus most of them-don't know about Kaiser-won't pay for the forteo.

Try to keep track of how much natural D and supplemental D you get so you don't go over the Recommended Daily Allowance. Walking is very good for you, so keep it up!!! Which I'm sure you will. I just recently come up with an idea where I think I will be able to get back to my daily walking, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm not used to not being able to do all the different exercises I was able to do a year ago-like clock work. But luckily there are still a lot of weight bearing upper body routines I do everyday that don't make things worse.

Just tell yourself your dr "will" order the tests and see what happens-positive thinking like you're doing with your t-scores.

Keep on THRIVING ;)
HI desert,

Well, I tried to check the vit. d link you posted earlier, but for some weird reason my registration didn't go through. Each time I created a password, they said it was ''invalid''. I'll try another time, got too much to do right now. Sometimes those registration things are sooooooooooo annoying, and I WAS following their instructions.
Forgot to ask you, did you ever try ''Rogaine'' for your hair? I haven't, I've got long hair and it's hard to get it into the scalp, not to speak of the itching!
:mad: plus most people inform me it doesn't work too well either (if at all).

I was sorry to hear about your pain keeping you up at night. How long exactly have you had such bad pain? Did you ever check further into the acupuncture option - I think it's a valid one. Even the soooooooooo conservative med docs actually admit this now;)

I'll post back after my appointment with the dermatologist this Wednesday. I'm still waiting for an appointment with my primary physician, and, as you so rightly say, it's a real pain with the HMO's and the waiting and referral business. I don't know whether Kaiser would pay for some part of the Forteo cost (but I suppose if one can't tolerate bisphosphonates, they'd have to be able to offer an alternative). I haven't asked for Forteo. They'd probably want me to take Fosamax first to see how I do on it. But that's just what I DON'T want to do:D

Take care:angel:
Hi Monte: Glad you finally got in to read the article... In the future you might want the site to remember your password so you don't have to log in again.

About vit d, I'm wondering what this means for me even though my levels are almost always normal. I suppose it means I have nothing to worry about, but what I couldn't understand is if you get the max of 60 ng a day of sun how could you still be deficient unless something else is causing it like pth etc. Has any dr ever told you, you don't need vit d because of where you live? I grew up down by you, and I don't think I ever heard that until I moved to the desert.

There's a bunch of people here with low d, high pth, low pth, high calcium, low calcium etc. and we still haven't completely figured out whats going on. If your levels drop to low or high on any of these vitamins or hormones (pth) it "can" be very dangerous.

I tried Rogaine, but it didn't do a thing. Hormones are the only thing that has helped, but I'm sure there are other things as well that could work, I just never found it.

I was in a car accident 28 years ago, and sustained a lot of nerve and spinal damage and have had chronic pain off and on for most of that time. Luckily I've had blocks of time where the pain was bearable, and I could work, but it's not like that now. Aging doesn't seem to be helping any either, and then adding other painful problems to the mix, like arthritis and sacroilitis:eek:

I still want to try acupuncture, but the place in town, is really expensive. My insurance will not pay for it, so I may try to work out something with them where they'll give me a package deal, since you need to go for a while.

Usually if you can't tolerate bisphosphonates (fosamax etc) the insurances will consider covering the forteo, but you may have to get prior authorization on it because of the cost. My dr did that and it wasn't that hard, plus I had already been on Actonel, which I couldn't take, so they saw that I'd giving the alternative med a shot, and went ahead to cover the forteo.

Good luck with your interminable wait with Kaiser, I hope you are able to get the tests done. The dr should factor in your t-scores to justify the blood tests to the insurance if he has too. Usually they do these tests if they need to find out if you have osteo through a secondary cause, like thyroid disorders, parathyroid, celiac etc, since you would already know if you have the usual ones like family history, estrogen loss, cortisone use, etc.

Have a good weekend:wave:

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