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DesertBloom-I still haven't gone out for my walk, but as I saw your response, I wanted to volley the ball back! To just do this quick , I won't go back to the old board. Yes, I saw the doc and Yes I do feel it's a great fit for me because he is an endo and a bone specialist. At long last I feel that help has arrived. My other docs are ok now too, but for my bones I have met the designated driver. On the calc. he said my regimen- forteo and high d has pushed my calc. buttons and that as it has not really gone out of range in a significant manner , he is basically ok with my calc. levels. . He said the forteo and high d doses I am taking worked like a test case to see how high I would go on the calc. level and he is ok with the results . He said he wouldn't put a patient on such a regimen just to test, but in effect that is a way to look at it. He said my low d readings were a test there as well in a way because the pth didn't go up. Also he did confirm forteo could have a lowering effect on one's pth, but yet the low low d level I was at didn't do anything to the pth. So,he doesn't see hyperpara which is another relief for me! On the intake of ca. he wants me to look at all sources and not exceed 800-1000. He said more is just wasted.This sounds good to me because I sure don't want to develop stones. So less calcium is fine with me. On the d , I stay at 5,000 for now and he sees no d metabolism issue.At your d thread I put a few more comments. And onto the big one , the forteo, his remark regarding possibly halting at 12 months was something I had not foreseen at all! No final decision yet. After dexa at 12 months on forteo and an ntx and bsap, the decision will be made. My guess is no more shots after Oct. for sometime. In a way it would be a relief to me. I would like my body to have a sabbatical from the stuff. Yes, it would mean the bisph. but there is not a perfect answer to all this. In brief , the stopping appears to be linked to that initial uptake surge on forteo and then a somewhat rapid return to baseline. From what I can tell it's an attempt to get a second go at the initial uptake surge. We have heard/ talked about this before, Dr. Felicia Cossman was doing the alternating period forteo/ bisph although I think it was several month periods not the 12 mo.interval. I am going to be getting a research paper on this surge/ return to baseline, he said he would give it to me, but in leaving I forgot to ask for it. OOOPs just too much going on. We didn't even talk about when the next forteo would start. Again this is speculative for now and will depend on the results of the 12 month ntx, bsap and dexa. He doesn't see anything now to be gained with estro or combipatch, I am going to leave this aside for now. I had mentioned on another thread that I was worried about a recent blood test that showed slightly elevated liver enzymes, this threw me for a loop and I really was interested in asking him if forteo might have damaged my liver - scary thought. Well as I said , I am glad he was an endo because he really looked at my thyroid results as well. At the time of the blood test that showed the elevated liver enzymes I had just gone hyperthyroid because my last endo had advanced my thyroid med too quickly . Well, he said as that coincided pretty closely , his view is that the hyperthyroid is what caused the elevated liver enzymes. And on another point, in reviewing the one ntx done at 5 months on forteo , and a recent bsap, as well as a dexa 5 months in to the program- he is cautious about my seeing much in the way of a dexa increase. Again, not something I expected /wanted to hear. But, at least I did what I could do with the forteo and finding an endo/bone spec. and now I have a doc with a plan and further more I like him. Also, he is very positive about a significant osteoporosis development in the not too distant future. I didn't push on this point, as it is not here now and we have things to do now. All in all even with the news of my maybe limited response to the first forteo installment , I am ok with this. He said the forteo was not a wasted venture, that there can be strengthening that would not show up in the dexa. And he is also looking forward to the time when there will be a test not just of density but of bone strength. In conclusion, I feel a new sense of relief, peace and gratitude. Also while I was on my excursion, I spent sometime in the adjacent hospital, went to their cafeteria and walked around, I saw some people who I think were barely hanging on in wheel chairs and walking with an iv pole. It's a very tough go and as I had some time, I went to the hospital chapel and prayed for these people and others who I didn't see and somehow there was some healing in that too. I would love to hear your thoughts about all the above when you have some time. Thanks once again for being my osteopal, I thought about you as well when I was in the waiting room and thought we have come a distance together. I feel gratitude to you as well.:)

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