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Hi starfish...i posted my results a few weeks ago ( i think hte thread is called DEXA results and it will ahve my name under it), but can give you the nutshell hip 3.6% increase and lumbar spine 3.5% increase. Since strontium is read differently by a DEXA scan i know that number isn't totally accurate...but if figure even if its partially right , it still an improvement that i can build on. MY t-scores and z-score both improved, but am still considered to have severe osteo by the by the standards used by radiologist and the ones set by the NOF and WHO. I've been on strontium citrate for 9 months, with 1 month off before the DEXA. I didn't really choose citrate over the other forms it was what's available. I take the NSI strontium, its less expensive than some and from my results seems to be working just fine. My dr. knows i've been taking it...i told him i was going to after i told him i wasn't going to take actenol or any of the other osteo drugs he suggested. Like most dr. he wasn't aware of it, but didn't try to stop me from using it. I've been educationg him about and will discuss the results when isee him next. I think i've proven to him that it does work. I have had no side effects what so ever from it an will continue to take it for a few more years. The long term effects are stronger bones, with a reduced chance of fractures.

Do you by any chance take blood pressure meds? The BP med HCTZ can help with bone density, not in a major way, but IMO anything that helps in any way is better than than doing nothing. I don't have high BP, but take it for my bones. The study was done on men, but after discussing it wih the dr. he said it wouldn't hurt me and may help. Just another thought.

I hope by now you are feeling better about the dx and have been able to put things in perspcetive. The media and drug companies have created such a fear factor that we really can't see straight for a while after the dx. Please let me know if there is anything i can help you with. There are a few others here taking strontium, so you'll get lots of help. Have a good weekend..take care...phyllis

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