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Hi! everyone, boy did that hit home spinewhine when you mentioned the three words " just do it'" That is exactly what I say each and every time I give myself the injection. I was so ansy prior to giving myself the initial injection, I couln't handle the suspense any longer and said "just do it" and get it over with already.
I couldn't belive that my very first forteo pen had particles in it, like you taape there is alot of "what if's" hanging out in your head. I believe if you don't have obsession compulsive disorder before you start forteo injections, it certainly will give you a taste of it, the checking and rechecking. I do know all of this comes with being a newbie, you have to read the folder, double check yourself, recheck, please tell me how long it takes before I can truly get confident and "just do it" without any fanfare. blessings! wildflowers

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