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Hi Elphers: I'm a little stumped as well, that's why I asked if you could get your dxa, and if the numbers were accurate, like maybe a mistake was made writting it down or the nurse misrelayed the actual score etc, etc.

I can't answer your question, you'll have to find out from the dr. However, I have seen scores where one area is "osteopenia" like your score of -1.1 and then another area is worse with a -2.5 which is "osteoporosis".

So until you can speak with the dr, and get the actual report, you won't have it in black and white, which is the only way I like seeing it. You could call again and have the nurse relay the numbers again for each.

1. Total hip
2. Neck/Troch
3. Lumbar spine (L1-L2)
4. Total lumbar spine

When you say total t-score do you mean total hip or spine? or did you have one of those new scans that one of the other posters mentioned where they give you a total body score? If it's the later I don't know any thing about those. But if it was a total hip or spine score, it only means one of those two areas is worse than the other, but I can't tell, which, from what you said.

Good luck, maybe they could mail the dxa report so you can read it before the appt so you have your questions ready when you see the dr?? If you have a fax they could do that as well. When I had my last dxa they gave me the print out before I left, plus they mailed me a second copy after the radiologist looked at it.

Good luck hope you get it figured out, but I suspect it's probably just two different readings from two different areas which isn't unusual. You can be osteopenic in one area and osteoporotic in another and they go with the lowest number for the dx.:angel: :angel:

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