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Hi Dorri and Cantell: Have either of you had fractures (fx's)? Usually if you loose that much height, there are usually fx's involved. There are procedures that can restore vertebral height that is minimally invasive and is usually completed in less than one hour-out patient. Lot's of people actually regained up to 4 inches in height after the 45 minute procedure, which is relatively simple to have done. If you want any info on it let me know, there are some really good videos available that would show the procedure and how it works. The amazing thing, about these procedures, is being able to relieve the pain, and gaining that much height back [U]right[/U] after such a short simple procedure.

I don't know if either of you have been checked for fx's, but if not I would ask for an x-ray even if you don't have any pain. It's no longer necessary to give up height anymore with kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty procedures. When you loose height, you also compromise your lungs, heart and abdominal organs from the compression that occurs in that area, like you mentioned. I talked to someone who had this problem and it went untreated to the point where her ribs are now sitting on her hip and pelvic bone. You can imagine what that would do to all your internal organs in that area.

This is something that has always scared me, because both my grandmothers and 2 aunts lost 3-4 inches from osteo, and they had so much trouble living with it (dowagers hump) and having to have their clothes custom made, not to mention the medical ramifications of loosing height, to all their other organs, and the pain.

Good Luck, and have your height checked bare footed "every" time you see any dr.:angel: :angel:

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