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It's my impression that the drugs are not "site-specific" (although it would be great if they were). Re: asking a pharmacist: I don't necessarily trust them either. There is a pharmacy in this city that calls itself a wellness pharmacy. When I went there for bio-identical hormones, the pharmacist himself sat me down and gave me a lecture about how all my trabeculae are already destroyed (I mentioned my BMD) and that my only hope was Fosamax. This from a so called "wellness" pharmacy:mad:
Y'know, 90% of me is truly terrified about this osteoporosis diagnosis. But 10% is wondering if, as Gillian Sanson so accurately depicts in her book, it is indeed somewhat of a myth. There certainly are plenty of scare tactics in the advertising. Today I was at one of the city hospitals for a routine ultrasound. The hospital just got a DEXA machine and they are promoting it (though why they'd have to do that in Canada is a mystery; we have so many waiting lists for everything:( ) Anyway, does anyone remember that anthropology chart from high school where it shows an ape at one end, then a series of photos in which the ape evolves into man? Well, I saw this poster for osteoporosis and it's eerily similar-except it starts with a 30-something woman standing upright, then she gradually slumps over (dowagers hump) until the end result is she's bent over staring at the floor-oh, and in a wheelchair too!
Okay, that's my rant for this evening. I get my bloodwork results tomorrow-will post them as promised.

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