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Hi Rosegarden & Desertbloom: Thanks for the encouragement. The only tests my doctor didn't do because she feels they're not very reliable are the urine tests. She didn't say why she feels that way, and since she ordered all the other ones I requested (from info received from you great folks on this forum), I didn't argue at that time. The calcium, Vitamin D, phosphorous, magnesium and others were all within normal ranges, except the calcium was slightly elevated. The phosphatase was 76 (range 32-92). My PTH intact was low, which she attributed to the Forteo. But I wonder about that. It should be 12-65, and mine showed a 4. (My thyroid tests showed normal). "Low PTH, probably from the Forteo" is how she summed that one up. I do a lot of walking for exercise and try to lift light weights, but that bothers my shoulders quite a lot. I used to do plenty of exercises with my balance ball, especially for my abs before I was diagnosed with osteo. I've exercised all my life. I love swimming, and used to be a runner, even completed a marathon. So everyone, including doctors, was surprised when the osteo showed up. It goes to show that genetics count a lot, too. (sigh!) But I guess if my lifestyle hadn't been a good one, the bone problems would've shown up earlier. Your advice is always appreciated. Thanks and blessings!
Dear Shewolf,

I was on Forteo for about 7 months, and it actually reduced my BMD by 10%, and it brought me down to a -4.8 and my hips to a -3.2. Additionally it lowered my Vitamin D to under the reference range. I stopped taking it back in April 2007, and taking many different supplements which include 5,000 a day of Vitamin D3. I also inject HGH, prescribed by my alt. dr., and take strontium every night. My endo dr. and my PCP both wanted me to continue on the Forteo, but with a 10% reduction in my density, I can't afford any further reduction, no matter what the dr. says to do. If I break a bone, it doesn't hurt them, only me, so I had to make the decision to go alternative. The other thing that got me about Forteo, even if you take it for the 2 years, you have to go back on Fosamax/Actonel/Boniva (one of those) or you lose all of the gains you made with Forteo within 6 months to a year. It really doesn't make sense to me if you make the density gains, you've got to go back on bisphosphonates, which have there own problems (osteonarcosis). So Shewolf, what will you do at the end of two years on Forteo? If you don't go on Actonel or something like it, you will lose everything you gained, if any. It's a problem most patients aren't looking at after Forteo, they think they will retain the gains without being on other drugs. It should be something you think about in your plan. Wish you the best in what you decide.


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