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Almost two years ago, I got my first Dexa scan. Two weeks ago, I got my second, after being on Forteo for about 8 months.
Lumber Vertebrae: total bone density= 0.735 grams (70% of predicted young adult mean), and T score= -2.83. This is unchanged from prior study in 2005.
Left Hip: Total Bone density= 0.614 grams per square diameter, which is65% of the predicted young adult mean. The T score= -2.69. (It represents a 3.7% reduction in total BD when compared to prior study, which is not statistically significant, said the report).
Overall assessment: No significant change when compared to the prior study in 2005.
My doctor said to continue Forteo.
I got a little upset at the first part of the report that said I had rotatory scoliosis (which I knew) and significant spondylosis, which threw me, until I looked it up and found out it's spinal osteoarthritis, which I did know I had. LOL.
I would naturally like to have shown improvement, but I wasn't on any bone meds for several months (I couldn't take Actonel) until I went on Forteo, so all in all, it could be much worse. The Forteo doesn't bother me, but the pain from the arthritis does at times, although I seldom take any meds for it. If the Forteo strengthens my bones, though, I might be able to exercise more effectively for the arthritis, but of course that's a big if.
Blessings to all!

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