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Vitamin D question
Aug 5, 2007
After using Forteo for 1 year, my bone density improved only slightly and my T scores remain very low. (between -4 and -4.5) My dr. ran blood and urine test and found that vit D level is borderline low although I have been taking cal and D supplelments faithfully. He now wants to put me on mega dose of vit D, 50,000 units. I have some rather serious digestive problems (the reason I am on the Forteo injections instead of pills) and am sure that I will not be able to tolerate this large amount of vit D. I have, in the past 2/3 days, increased my daily D from 600-800 units per day to 1000-1200 and am already having mid abdomen pain and severe constipation. Has anyone had good results with the D injections? Also how many units per injection and how ofter are they administered? I would really appreciate hearing from any of you with any personal experience with mega dosing of vit D.

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