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My mother has advanced Osteoporosis. I'm afraid I do not have all her facts and figures. She has been on various treatments over the last few years.

She recently dislocated a rib and has been in excruciating pain. This happened last weekend. Her doctor prescribed narcotic pain meds, and muscle relaxant, both of which make her very dizzy.

She has not been able to sleep for very long at all.
Only today (Mon.) has she been able to go for the prescribed MRI.

What I'm wondering is if any of you have had this happen before and if so what worked for you?

I know it varies greatly from person to person. From what I've read physical therapy, or chiropractic is the only option. Yet not an option for her, because of how brittle her bones are.
I thought I would ask around for suggestions she could run by her Dr. in case he adopts the wait and see approach.

Sorry all this is a little vague...but do you have any suggestions?
Dear Word,

I also have servere osteoporosis, and I had some problems with my ribs. As you say, chiropractic adjustments are out of the question. I received prolotherapy injections in the affected area and it has helped with the problem. I am still going for treatment, but so far has helped. Prolotherapy helps build new ligament tissue around injuried areas and stablizes the injured area so pain is reduced or eliminated. If your interested, let me know what state you live in and I can tell you a site to find a prolotherapist in your area that is proficient in the treatment.

Prolotherapy is considered Alternative medicine, but has started to become more accepted since retired US Surgeon General Everret Koop has endorsed the treatment, since it saved his medical career because of back problems he had incurred, and only Prolotherapy helped him regain his strength again. I've never heard of anyone that went to a certified prolotherapist being hurt by the treatment. There are not alot of doctors in this country that are performing this treatment. If your mother is suffering from a dislocated rib, I know that has to be very painful, since I've had similar problems, and know how painful it is. I'm 62, and have had severe osteoporosis for many years now. Prolotherapy has helped me so that I can continue to work and function. I live in NJ and I travel a good distance accross my state to see a qualified prolo doctor, not just any doctor, but a doctor who specializes in this procedure and most of his patients he provides this treatment to. I don't know of any other treatment that may help your mother, and I can imagine how much pain your mother is in if the rib is dislocated from the spine--every movement brings pain, I know this. I would encourage you to do some research on the internet about this treatment and see a qualified prolotherapist in Florida for a consultation. Your mother is not that old, and believe me she has the bones of a 61 year old, not a 80 year old. When a doctor tells you that your bones are older than you are, he is only referring to the amount of bone loss, not the quality of the bone for her age. I know young women who have severe osteoporosis, but what bone they have is much better than an 80 year old, and is still stronger than an 80 year old. Also, if you tell someone that they have the skeleton of an 80 year old, in their mind they will believe it and make things worse. First of all, Your mother needs to get help from the pain she's enduring from the dislocation so she can live more comfortably. If I can be of anymore help, please let me know, and I wish you and your mother well.

Hi Naturalman: I'm really interested in prolotherapy, but I wondered if you could tell me exactly what problems you got this treatment for?

I've had 7 spinal surgeries and have chronic pain in the neck, thoracic, lumbar, buttocks/tail bone, knees, rt leg and feet. I also have ddd, stenosis, severe osteo arthritis, sacroiliac joint disfunction, ankylosing spondolitis, sciatica, osteoporosis-oh that's enough info. Could I get help from this treatment? I wouldn't say that I have any particular tendon probs, but have muscle, nerve and bone pain. I guess with arthritis the tendons are involved.

Do insurance cos pay for this type of treatment? I have Medicare and have tried just about every non surgical treatment for the back/muscles and nerves you can think of, except radio frequency ablation.


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