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If you know that your getting enough Vit D in your diet, and you get enough sunlight everyday then you might want to look into some malabsorption problems like Celiac Disease. Good luck!
Jenn- No problem with your asking these questions. If you research the vit d issue you will see that in the northern latitudes , many if not most people are vit. d deficient during the winter months and the situation improves during the summer, but again there is a decline in the winter months. This is not to say it is ok to just be in the deficient state, there should be adequate supplementation. So, you don't have to have a malabsorption issue to have a vit d deficiency. Also as we age we are less efficient in obtaining our vit d from sunlight. If you go to the vit d council website this is explained. Also as indicated before, there are acclaimed phds and mds who specialize in vit d research who think that the standard recommended dose for vit d is just too low. Also at the vitamindcouncil site they include research that is being done regarding the role of vit d deficiency in various diseases/conditions incl. osteoporosis, ms, some cancers, depression, mental illness etc.Get the celiac angle checked out , but know you are far from alone in having low d and some would say that your dose of 1200IU a day was just inadequate to raise your level.

I do not think it was just my low d that got the dr. interested in celiac testing. My blood tests also showed low iron and I do have osteoporosis-so the doc thought maybe malabsorption was involved. But it turned out not to be. I think that my iron was low because of my vegetarian diet. And the d was found to be low in Feb and March but it had been ok in July and August . Did you check your seasonal results on the vit d test?And, do you have low iron, or anemia?

Yes, with the high dose of vit d I got my level to move from 19 to 45. I recently went through a gastrointestinal upset and had diarrhea for approx. 3 weeks. My d level dropped after this to 23.9. My doc did every test possible to find the cause of the diarrhea but nothing found and it stopped . I am now thinking it was perhaps one of my supplements that did this and I am trying to slowly go back to my supplement routine and see if something triggered the gi upset. During that time I was not nauseated nor did I have a fever.
I think that when I had the diarrhea I just wasn't able to use the vit d I was taking. So now I need to build up the d level again. Sorry to share the details but maybe it will help you understand how the level could vary and the factors possibly involved. Oh and one other point, I am on forteo for the osteoporosis and I recently noticed on the info with the prescription that they found that d levels go down while on forteo.

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