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Jodianne-Hi again and thanks for helping me get on the right track about vit d. It is interesting that it was an alternative doc that got you on a 2000IU dose that was adequate to move your d from 22 to 41 after 5 months. It does sort of bear out the statement from the vitamindcouncil that... 2,000 IU may not be adequate to get to 50ng/ml... but you are close. Did your doc say what level he would like to see you at? I have not been to an alternative doc. but as time goes by I am beginning to see that they seem in many cases to be more involved in preventative care and ahead of the curve .

As I said before a previous doc, a bone specialist no less, was ok with my level when it was just at the bottom level of the range , which for that lab was 30. Also I took my bone supplement that incl. vit d , calcium , trace minerals to two docs. Both said that they were not impressed with the trace minerals, but neither said anything about the vit d being d2. It took me several months researching about osteoporosis before I drilled down on the different types of vit d. I think an alternative doc, would have been on top of this right off the bat, from what people here have indicated.

Jodianne-where did you get your high dose of d3 from? Until recently the local supplements store which is really quite large and has other stores in the state, only had 400IU. Same with the drugstores. Recently they added Naturemade 1000IU. at the supplement store. I got my first large dose 5000IU vit d 3 from a local compounding pharmacy- it was however a LifeExtension product. I got my next off the net at Bio Tech.

I wish talking, writing or thinking about vit d could make my level increase, I think it would be quite high by now. Unfortunately, I recently went through a gi upset for 3 weeks with diarrhea and my vit d level of 45 was cut in half. I was taking the supplements so I can only guess that I had to be dumping what I took in. This seems odd to me because I was also taking my thyroid meds which were absorbed. I know the thyroid med was absorbed because at the 3 week point I had my vit d level and thyroid panels done. The thyroid test showed the drug was in my system and fuctioning NO QUESTION. Maybe it has to do with the fact that d is a fat soluble vitamin??? If anyone has a theory on this , I would love to hear it.

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