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hi ostoblast
It does puzzel me this whole vitamin deficiency because i just don't understand why some people don't even need it or take a supplement and it works right away.
I know thatmy regular supplement has D3 in it because it says it on the front of the bottle and i will have to check on my multi. I have read that D3 is the one to take and that is what my dr. told me to take.
I am 43 years old and never had any problems until i quit smoking (YEA) a year and a half ago cold turkey and my body went haywire. I was not feeling right and my neck felt very sore and swollen and i went for a check up. I was sent for ultra sound of my thyroid and blood panels done. Everything came back fine with blood but sono showed possible parathyroid enlarged. I went to an endo and he said he would check my levels again in 3 months. My next blood test showed my TSH was 79 and i forget what t3 and t4 were, but i was very hypo. Now i knew at least why i was feeling so horrible. Put on meds and within 2 weeks i felt so much better. My next blood test showed thyroid was good, but vitamin d deficient and high pth, which is now back to normal.
I did speak to my dr. today though and he was not concerned about the vitamin d. He just doesn't think i was taking enough. So he wants me now to try 2000 iu and if that is not enough he will up it more he said. If i have to he said i will take prescription strength.
So that is my story in a nutshell.

Jodianne if you read this i would like to also know where you get your d's from and that is great that your levels have increased that much so quickly.

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