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[QUOTE=mmee;3501548]Hi, Ruskingirl,
Still trying to figure out what is going on. I have an appointment with a pathologist next week to go over all of my blood results and to see if he can figure out what is going on with me. My calcium came back high, then normal, then high normal, so I am not sure what is going on with that.
Thanks for asking.
Was your hyperparathyroid very easily diagnosed?[/QUOTE]

I am sorry you having such a hard time getting someone to listen to you. I was feeling lousy for years but attributated it to thyroid problems. I moved back to our home state after being gone for 4 1/2 years. I went to a new doctor for an overall physical because I had recently lost my mother to cancer. While there he did a lot of blood work. I got a call a few days later saying I had elevated serum calcium -10.8 and he wanted to do some more testing. He also wanted an altrasound of my thyroid. The next test showed my calcium at 10.9 and my hpt was 150. My altrasound showed a nodule on my thyroid. I needed to see an endo. From there it was suggested I see a surgeon. He sent me for a sestimbi scan which showed a bad parathyroid gland, I had never heard of parathyroidism before this, but after researching it I had almost all the symptoms. Kidney stones, bone pain, losing hair, sleeplessness, fatique, dry skin, osteopenia, arrhythimia, etc... By this time my calcium level was 11.2 and pth 156, my vit. D was very low (can't remember the number) I didn't have other calcium levels checked, but by this time it was very certain I had hyperparathyroidism. I went it for surgery which was done the same way that Dr. Norman does it, and they removed the one parathyroid gland and half of my thyroid gland. In the recovery room my calcium had already went down to 9.0 and I had no more bone pain. I developed some other problems but they were not from the parathyroid surgery. Anyway I hope I answered your question and that you can find someone to look deeper into your problems.

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