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Hi Osteo: I really don't know if denosumab is an anabolic, but I thought anabolics were meds that both stimulate osteoblasts and suppress osteoclasts. If that is the case then it isn't a anabolic in the true sense, but who knows I'll let you figure it out, or I'll do some more reading. Whether it's approved or not is another consideration. Since it's a drug that will be used for multiple medical probs, maybe it stands a better chance. Osteoporosis is only one of it's proposed applications (cancer, other bone diseases) so maybe someday it will make it to market.

On the other subject, I don't know much about it. I do know that some pain mgte docs rx maronol (sp) which is the chemical form of the active ingredient in marijuana. I've never tried it, and I don't think that many insurance co's pay for it, but I'm not sure. My husbands oncologist at (UCLA) doesn't think much of the mj medicinal program, because he feels that smoking it is bad, because it can cause lung probs just like tabacco does, so he prefers the pill form for his chemo/radiation patients for the horrible nausea and also pain.

I have NO idea how I'm dealing with this dental thing, last night I had one of the worst scares I think I've ever felt. I've had so many serious surgeries/problems where I didn't panic or get "too" scared and wondered why this problem was hitting me so hard. Even the osteo dx didn't hit me that hard, like almost everyone else. I have the ability to calm myself and forget about problems for at least some time, so maybe that's why, I really don't know. Since I've had so many bad dx's after a while it justs rolls off your back. But this tooth thing is different. I asked my husband about it, because basically he's that same as me, and able to put scary things "away" so to speak and not obsess over them. The ONJ problem is different, and the only thing I could come up with as to why it's hitting me harder than usually (actually cried for the first time in almost a decade) and I think it comes down to the fact that it is "so" physically disfiguring, and on your face no less, and there is NO treatment, or cure. There are some things that can be done to slow the process, but none of them are a solution/cure. My min met doc, reminded me, "you know there is no cure or treatment for ONJ-right?" and I said yes-like what else am I going to say??? I've read all I can on ONJ, and have seen all the "horrible" disgusting pictures.

I still think I will be able to get my teeth pulled WITHOUT incidence. I don't know where that knowledge is coming from, but I'm holding on to it TIGHT.

I saw the dentist today because I had an additional scare yesterday, which is probably why I got so upset, but what I thought could be something horrible, turned out to be a simple "cavity". So I told myself enough is enough I'm not going to panic anymore until I'm given something to "actually" panic over. The reason I was concerned is that I found 2 holes in two additional teeth and what looked like pus coming out. After seeing that and having a fever and pain in these teeth I immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion. Anyway it turned out to be nothing major-2 small cavities-and yet I panic for the first time in a long time. So let this be a lesson to everyone, it's really stupid-sorry, but yes stupid to jump to "any" conclusion without any evidence!!!!! The evidence I had looked bad with white pusy fluid coming out of my tooth with my gum looking weird too, but it was nothing really, so I learned a Valuable lesson. There are always more than one explanation to what you might think is a major problem, and it could be that the problem is normal and minor, instead of major and life threatening.

Hope you are feeling okay, have you been to the Eli Lily/Forteo site lately-the one you log into with your password? Well, they have changed it a bit and have included some new things in the side effects section that I never noticed before. You'll have to go check it out with your password-it's nothing major, but none the less interesting.

About ONJ and extractions, is that 60% figure I gave you is 60% of a really small group, somewhere around 13 people, and the other 40% of 13 or so, contracted ONJ spontaneously. The point is that in the majority of the cases, extraction or dental surgeries precipitate this prob, and the balance of patients can get it spontaneously. I wish I knew the answer to your other question about why this occurs so much in the jaw, and at the moment I don't know. If I figure it out I'll let you know, but we all know that osteonecrosis can occur in any area of the body, and it reminded me of Bobby Kennedy's son's that had that, can't remember his name, I think that was the first time I heard of it, when his son was dx'd.

Anyway that's enough for now you guys must get sick of my constant talking.:D :D

It's not what happens to's how you react to it.

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