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I don't know what to say about your headaches. Sorry to hear about how they hurt you though. Maybe your doc will have some advice.

I don't think that moving your shot closer to your bedtime would help with the headaches, but why not do your shot right before bed? Just wondering.

About aching legs, have you had your vitamin d and iron checked??When I got these two right my legs stopped aching at night. I don't know whether the iron or the vitamin d helped or both. I would just say get both checked- hey you might even get relief from you headaches who knows?

I have read that Mayo Clinic did studies about restless leg syndrome and found that dealing with iron deficiency the syndrome lessened. It is the ferritin level you check to see if you have an iron deficiency. So be sure to request that your ferritin be checked. Ferritin is a measure of your stored iron.
Hi Osteoblast.

Hopefully the headaches are gone now. I didn't get one today...yet.;)
I have had my vitamine D checked when I had my first osteoprosis scan done. I was real low. Now I am on 2000 IU a day. So unless things have changed since I started the Forteo it should be okay. He will probably check it again in October when I go in for my blood test to see how the Forteo is doing. The iron could be another story. I have been known to be low on iron I was taking 18 mgs a day but I cut that in half, maybe I should keep taking the 18 mg, since I was so low in iron at one time.

Thank you for being so nice and taking time to help me out. I really appreciate it and thank you for mentioning the iron and vitamin D because those could be the real possibility of my problems. Thank you soooooo much!:)
Brit-First, I am glad to hear that you had a day without a headache. I went through about a 5 year period with daily headaches more common than not. I know what a drag it can be. As I work on getting my iron and vitamin d and thyroid issues dealt with things seem to get better. I have found that doctors will accept that your levels are ok EVEN when they are at the very bottom of the range for iron and vitd. I won't accept this anymore. There is danger in this approach, because if something happens and you become ill, like I did with a 3 week gastrointestinal problem, your levels will become depleted very quickly.So better to be in the middle of the range I have found.

In my experience you have to stay totally on top of the iron and vitd issues. Depending on the way your body processes vitd , the 2,000 may or may not be adequate for you. It wasn't for me. BUT I can't stress how important it is to be tested every few months until you get your d to a good level. And, be aware that if you are in a northern latitude you cannot sythesize vit d from the sun in the winter months and your d level will fall further so you have to supplement higher in the winter. AND, if you read the information insert with the forteo, when on forteo people have a significant decline in their d level. Somehow it seems you burn through your vit d when on forteo. So you really have to be monitored. I wish my docs had told me this. I found out by experience and then just recently noticed the vit d infor on the forteo insert. I think I read it before, but I just didn't get it. I was kind of in shock with the osteo diagnosis, I think. Also get your iron ( that is ferritin level) tested regularly. In my experience there is just no way I can feel healthy when these two - the vit d and the iron are not right. I get aches and pains , and headaches and just do not feel right. Also I have learned that deficiencies in either vitd or iron will cause other metabolic functions to suffer.

Trying to achieve health is not so easy I have found. If I were you I would be sure to get the vit d and the ferritin checked when you see your doc. And then request a re=check in 3 months. And if you haven't checked your thyroid in a while you should do this too. Good luck to you!:):):)
Thank you osteoblast for all the information. I know I am on the lower side on the iron, but I'm not real sure if it's ferritin or what, all I know is that they put me on an iron supplement when I was starting to go through menopause. I just had my thyroid checked and it's normal. I have hypothyroid and have had it for about 10 years now, so that gets checked at least once a year or more. I'm sure my doctor will check my vitamin d this time, he has done a lot of research on vitamin d so he must know what he is doing. He sells one at the office that is suppose to be the best for absorbing into the body.

Anyway, no headaches for a couple of days now so maybe that has passed. Thank you so much for all the information and I will keep it in mind when I see my doctor next.

Good luck to you too and thank you:) .

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