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Hi all-gosh, I feel as if I've been especially "chatty" on these boards lately ;) , but I really believe that the more info/experiences/knowlege we share, the more we can help each other.

Anyway, I've been taking weekly acupuncture treatments for osteoporosis for the past 2 months. The first few were concentrated more on alleviating the depression/anxiety that I've had ever since my last BMD. Today, the acupuncturist (she's trained and practiced in China, so there's a bit of a language barrier) asked me about maternal history of osteoporosis-specifically, did my mother ever sustain a non-traumatic fracture. I said no, she did have the "dowagers hump" but that may have been a postural thing related to self-confidence issues because early photos (age 30) show the beginning of it. My Mom never exercised either, and her diet left something to be desired-although she did live to 85. None of her sisters have osteoporosis and none of them (there are 3) are "humped over".

The acupuncturist then asked if I had bone pain, especially at night. I said no, never had that. Bear in mind that I have some difficulty understanding this skillful practitioner. But from what I did understand, apparently, the Chinese don't worry so much about DEXA scores. Rather, if someone has bone pain or their bones "feel weak", they are considered to have a problem. Interesting, eh?

She then told me to carry on exercising as I always have, eat enough protein, and get adequate sleep. She also told me I'm worrying far too much about my DEXA scores. I'm going to continue the treatments concurrent with taking strontium and Vitamin K2.
Hi Starfish: I'm totally fascinated by this topic, could you tell us more???

What is the connection between osteoporosis and acupuncture? Is there an actual connection between the two or were you just going for the anxiety/depression? Do you have any kind of bone pain, like arthritis, bone or joint injuries?

I've been trying to find someone that does biofeedback, guided imagery, acupuncture, and hypnosis for some time and the biggest draw back is that my insurance will only cover some hypnosis, because I have chronic pain, and that's it. Have you tried any of these other things or just the acupuncture?

Sorry for all the quesitons, but I don't really understand the connection between acupuncture and osteo. It makes sense if you have pain as well, but it doesn't sound like you do. I hope it's helping a lot...can you let us know?

You mentioned that your mother had a dowagers hump, do you think that was strictly from postural probs, or do you think she may have had compression fx's and didn't know it? My grandmothers had the same thing, but I have read and was told that most of the kyphosis (c curve) or hump comes from fx's that go undiagnosed. There are some postural probs that can lead to this as well that don't involve fx's, but a lot of people get this from fx's as well.

My orthopedic surgeon told me that so many go undiagnosed because a lot of people who have this curvature problem don't realize they've had a fx. Some fx''s are very painful and some aren't as bad, or people tend to ignore the minor to mod pain, because they have existing spinal/back probs and write it off as a flare that will heal with rest. Do you think your mother falls into that category or the postural type.

Does your insurance pay for the acupuncture? If so do you know how much they charge and how long and often you need to go to see results?

I've never really felt that my bones are weak, but what you practioner said does make sense. Osteo is in my family and I have had many back surgeries with probs that I was told could lead to osteo, like degen disc, early meno, etc. but like I said I never really felt like my bones were particularly weak. I would love to try this for many reasons, pain, blood pressure, etc etc but haven't been able to come up with the money yet. I have to pay for some other medical procedures right now, so I'm waiting to see what I can afford. Let us know how this goes, I'm truly fascinated by it.

If you want to look up hip fx prevalance by country here's the link from the Univ of WA. China is 6% per 10,000 women and the U.S. is 16% per 10,000.

I don't know if you are interested in this or not, but you can find out if your mothers dowagers hump is from fractures or postural probs, by having an x-ray or scan. If she had a compression fx, either crush, wedge, or biocave fractures that healed over will show up on the film. It's no longer necessary to settle for this type of prob when there are non surgical treatments for the c-curve I'm talking about. Look up dowagers hump, widows hump, kyphosis, or c-curve and you'll see the different things that cause it, like paraspinal muscle probs, scoliosis, etc (non fx) fragility fx's, compression fx's. I have x-rays and ct/mri scans every year, or more often, to check for fractures, since I don't want to be slumped over like my grandmothers and aunts were who lost a lot of height from undiagnosed fx's. They only found out years later, when nothing could be done, but they also didn't have the corrective procedures available for this back then. Some imaging places automatically do x-rays to check for these when you have a dxa, and some do VFA's to tell you what your fracture risk is. I just hate to see people dealing with this if they don't have to. Loss of height, is also another key sign of a fracture. Keep track of your height by checking it bare footed as often as possible. I check my height twice a month either at the drs office or at home. Make sure you heels, buttocks, shoulders and head are flat against the wall when you check it, and if doing it at home ask for help to mark the height. Any decrease of 1/2 of an inch in a short period of time is cause for suspicion. Good luck...



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