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I finally found the osteoporosis solution. I started out on the healthboards here asking and wondering what I did wrong, I did everything the doctors told me to do and the end result I was told I had severe osteoporosis. Like many of you have mentioned here on the boards, it can be very life changing to hear those words. Then I experienced all the classic symtoms of grieving, I felt a loss. It seemed something crept up behind me without me noticing and hit me between the eyes. I had to learn how to spell the doggone word let alone know what to do for it. If I look back on all my posts over the months I saw a individual who was searching, hoping, praying, begging, bargaining and looking for the little mini miracle that I had hoped would be mine. It took everything I could muster up to finally decide to take the forteo injections, the side effects of constant dizziness and a feeling of unwell was to high a price to pay. Then it happened, the solution to my osteoporosis became quite clear to me. I started to enoy life differently again, I was laughing like I use to do before I was diagnosed with osteo, I was eating better, I was enjoying my family and friends, I was working gleefullly and joyfully out in my garden, these last days of summer seemed sweeter. Again I felt the same way I did before I got that dreadful diagnosis. What happened to wildflowers? My solution to ostoporosis was to stop constantly looking for a solution. I stopped it all, I stopped looking for the latest books, I stopped walking in and out of every health food store within a radius of my home, I stopped talking about it. I stopped taking it to bed with me, I stopped taking it on my vacation, my fun trips with my grandchildren, I took a breather and gave me a rest. What I found out is that I am the same person I was after the diagnois as I was before the diagnosis. Osteoporois is not me, I was tired that my focus was urgent to find a solution, when in all reality there is no perfect solution, only trials and errors. Now, I am not afraid of ostoporosis anymore, I will not miss the vividly beautiful and lovely moments of each and everyday, I will take my calcium, my vitamin D, do my exercises, watch funny movies (laughing is so very healing), eat healthy, use salt and sugar sparingly, and trust that there is a greater power then wildflowers that is in control. I have the serenity to do the things I need to do in order to live a happy and full life, the courage to change the things I need, wisdom to know the difference. There is a wisdom that came to me through all of this, I just didn't want to sacrifice any more precious moments worrying and fretting about alot of things that I could not change, I now have the courage to change the things I can but more importantly the wisdom to know the difference. That's the key for me, that's my solution Blessings to all Wildflowers

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