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Hi all, and PHYLWILL in particular:

I've FINALLY found Strontium Citrate in a health food store near me. I think that's because people have been nagging them all the time to get it (including me). Im in California and up until now I've NEVER found it any store! But I have a question. I'm currently on a regimen of calcium/magnesium/vit. d capsules. I divide them up by taking two capsules, three times a day, in order to get the required serving, and in order for my body to to be able to absorb better. The Strontium Citrate requires a dosage of 2 caplets per day. How should I take the Strontium in conjunction with my calcium regimen, and how long should I wait between a calcium capsule and a Strontium caplet?:confused:

The Strontium Citrate that I found costs about nineteen dollars and change for a bottle of 60 (I don't remember the name of the manufacturer, but will post later). I did not purchase it yet as I'm waiting for an answer to the question I posted here. Perhaps it's NOT the best deal on Strontium, and I suppose I could get something better on line, but any help with my question would be most appreciated:)

Thank you all for your replies.

I have not yet decided whether to purchase the Strontium from the health food store, at this point. It is rather expensive there. I'm not sure if they were capsules or caplets, I'll have to check. Does Strontium usually come in capsule, or caplet form? Anyways, I'll double check on who the manufacturer is, and then check on line. I believe the instructions said to take two caplets/capsules, per day, so I'll have to figure than in, somehow. Do you think I could stop taking the calcium, and just use the Strontium?:confused: Maybe not, huh? ;)

Thanks to all of you for your input :angel:
hi monteflus. I also take my strontium at bedtime. 2 to 3 hours after eating. I order the strontium online, because in the health food stores it sells for over $20. Online I found it for $11.27 for a bottle of 60 caps. Also if you order 3 or more you can get a special deal. As far as taking only the strontium and not calcium-I don't think this is advisable-in all the studies that I have read, it is essential that you also get enough calcium, whilst taking strontium. They just need to be taken seperately.
hi monteflus, Definately do not stop taking your calcium. From what I read, you need an adequate amount of calcium intake in order for the strontium to work. Just do not take them together. As every one else has stated, I also take strontium at bedtime, at least 2 hours after eating. I take my calcium spaced out during the day. Here in the nyc health food store the strontium I use can run as much as $32. for a bottle of 60 capsules(dr. best bonemaker). I order it on line for anywhere from $9.17 to 11.27 for a bottle of 60. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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