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Hi debmcd: Hi and Welcome... You are the first patient I've heard of that didn't get some instruction on how to use the pen. It isn't very difficult to do, but if you think you need help, your drs office should provide it.

You [U]should[/U] take calcium/D with forteo just like you did with your other meds, unless the dr told you otherwise. There are a only a few of us who have decreased our calcium intake, but ONLY because we had "elevated" calcium levels, while on Forteo. Usually they don't put you on Forteo if you calcium is really elevated. Those of us who lowered are calcium intake did so because our counts went up while on Forteo, but we still take calcium either through supplement or diet at a lower milligram. Unless your dr told you otherwise, take the same amount of calcium/D you were taking before you started Forteo.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I haven't had any side effects from it, and have been on it for 16 mos. Good luck, ask your dr for help if you think you can't follow the instructions that come with the pen. Your dr could have their nurse run through it with you, so you feel more comfortable. It is pretty simple to do so it's up to you if you want help. I went to a one time class, so what you do is up to you.

In the box that the Forteo pen comes in there should be a step by step instructions. If that isn't enough, call the 800 # for Eli Lily and tell them you didn't get the following and to ship immediately:

[B] 1. the travel pack with ice packs
2. the dvd
3. the instructions sheet
4. extra needles [/B]

Our t-scores are the same and mine has improved a whole point in a year, so good luck!!!! Don't be scared, in a couple of days it will all seem really easy!! It's a real small needle and I don't feel it very often.


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