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:confused: I will be starting the Forteo injection on the 1st. I have been reading the posts concerning Forteo and I am confused and scared. My dr decided to put me on Forteo after my bd test was 3.6 in my spine. The injections was mailed to my house and I starting to read the instructions. I'm not sure if I understood what it was saying. I noticed that most of the people got training on how to give yourself the shot. I didn't get a video or any kind of instructions. Also I don't understand about the calicum. I have been taking Boniva with 1200 m of calicum and 400 iu of D a day. From what I have read - I should stop taking the calicum and D. Or do I. When my dr told me she was putting me on this I asked her if she is sure I will be able to take the shots. She said, no problem its a breeze. I asked if it had any side effects and she said maybe a quezzy stomach for a couple of minutes. I am already having problems with leg cramps and in May of this year they found a bone tumor in my leg. They have determined it's not cancer. They said that this type of tumor has a slim chance of turning into to cancer but they wanted to check it again in three months. You can talk to the Dr unless you go down there with an appointment. Can anyone help me to know what I should do and explain in simple English how to do the shot? :confused:
Hi debmcd: Hi and Welcome... You are the first patient I've heard of that didn't get some instruction on how to use the pen. It isn't very difficult to do, but if you think you need help, your drs office should provide it.

You [U]should[/U] take calcium/D with forteo just like you did with your other meds, unless the dr told you otherwise. There are a only a few of us who have decreased our calcium intake, but ONLY because we had "elevated" calcium levels, while on Forteo. Usually they don't put you on Forteo if you calcium is really elevated. Those of us who lowered are calcium intake did so because our counts went up while on Forteo, but we still take calcium either through supplement or diet at a lower milligram. Unless your dr told you otherwise, take the same amount of calcium/D you were taking before you started Forteo.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I haven't had any side effects from it, and have been on it for 16 mos. Good luck, ask your dr for help if you think you can't follow the instructions that come with the pen. Your dr could have their nurse run through it with you, so you feel more comfortable. It is pretty simple to do so it's up to you if you want help. I went to a one time class, so what you do is up to you.

In the box that the Forteo pen comes in there should be a step by step instructions. If that isn't enough, call the 800 # for Eli Lily and tell them you didn't get the following and to ship immediately:

[B] 1. the travel pack with ice packs
2. the dvd
3. the instructions sheet
4. extra needles [/B]

Our t-scores are the same and mine has improved a whole point in a year, so good luck!!!! Don't be scared, in a couple of days it will all seem really easy!! It's a real small needle and I don't feel it very often.

Hi debmcd: I forgot to ask you something. Did the dr tell you that the pen "has" to be kept refrigerated, at all times between 36-46 degrees? I'm just wondering about what the dr did or didn't tell you about the Forteo, and am a bit confused. I could type up the instructions on the pen, but they would be identical to whats in the box that the pen is in.

You said you were going to start the pen tomorrow, is there some reason why it has to start on that specific day. I don't think it would hurt to hold off on it until you talk to your dr, but you would have to make that decision. If you waited till Tuesday or even the following Saturday, I don't see what difference it would make. You only use the pen for 28 days and then throw it away and start a new one. There will "always" be some medication left in the pen at the end of 28 days, so don't worry about that. The pens where designed to have extra med in them for mishaps, or other problems. I've never had any problem, so I hope you don't either.

If you are worried about side effects, you could take the injection right before bed, so you sleep through them. I do the shot in the morning, but I don't have any thing to work around like stomach upset or leg cramps and dizziness. Some others here do it at bed time, so it just depends on how it goes.

I'm glad you don't have cancer, and hope your following check ups are all negative. :angel: :angel:

Let me know what you think you'll do about the shot. Go ahead with it tomorrow or wait until you talk to your dr. Also, the 800 # on the instructions is for any assistance you need, so they could tell you how to inject it also. There is a web site you can log into for further instructions, but you usually get the password with your travel pack, so if you didn't get a travel pack you wouldn't be able to log in, unless my password would work which I think it will because I believe they're all (password) the same.:) :)

I recently finished two years on Forteo and I have to say I had the same panicky feelings about giving myself the shots before I started. Many of the people who post here had the same fears and we all got over them very quickly because the shot is quite easy to take and relatively painless. It's a very short needle, so I think if you push it in gently or just do it quickly it won't matter. Do what's comfortable for you - it won't go in very deep so it's not that intimidating. Just don't inject using the button on the end of the pen until the needle is in. They say to use the thigh or belly area. I did both, but found the belly (where I had a little extra fat) to be more comfortable. This is a subcutaneous shot -- it goes in just under the skin surface -- so it can go into fat and not muscle. I had very good gains in bone density with it - my initial score was -3.5 in the spine and after 20 months on Forteo I was -2.3.

Do keep an eye on that bone tumor and discuss all possible side effects of Forteo with your doctor.

When my doctor gave me the first dose, I'd have to say he wasn't gentle. He just gave it to me like you'd get a flu shot -- just jabbed it in and pushed the button. I was more gentle with myself. I kind of eased it in each time. Once or twice, I hit a spot that hurt and I stopped and put it in somewhere else -- that was before I injected. Most of the time, I barely felt it when it was inserted -- the needle is also very thin. Much less painful than sticking yourself with a sewing needle!

You will see how much it become second nature to take it.

Do NOT stop your calcium and vitamin D. I was told the Forteo will not work without them.

Best of luck to you.
:cool: I did it, :cool: I did it, :cool: I did it. All that worry. I did it. :D

I feel so much better, so far no side effects. Wasn't even : dizzy. Thanks everybody.

To answer the question about the dr. "She" is a general dr. Eight years ago they sent me to all kinds of specialists. None was able to find the problem. They checked my glands in my neck. They ran all kinds of tests with no answers. One doctor thought he found the reason. I have skin condition and the medication it takes to control it can cause your bone to not absore calcium. He was so disapointed when he found out I had never had that med. The primary dr that I was seing at that time has retired from practice - he was awlsome. He said, The fact is your bones do not obsorb enough calcium, just because we can't find the reason why doesn't mean there is no reason. We just haven't found it. Mean while we will try to stop the bone loss and try to improve it. Three years ago he retired from pratice but he is still in the medical field. The dr that I have now is not that good. Three months ago I asked her to look into the possibity of using Foreto. This was before I knew about the decline in my bones. I don't think she would have ever put me on it if I hadn't sugested it. The only way we found the tumor, I was having pain in my thigh. I thought I might have a fracture so I asked her to have it x-rayed. The tumor showed up in the x-ray. She then sent me to a specialist for the tumor. My insurance insists I go to a general pract. and they are to refer me to specialist if needed. So I have to keep up with whats going on so I can tell her what I need. :( Sad isn't it.

I believe I can handle these shots. If I can do it anyone can.

Thanks for you help and concern

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