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Well, I finally got up the nerve to post. I'm 54 and have been on actonel for two years. I was diagnosed with osteo 2 years ago. -3.1 in spine. Meno is done. After the first year on actonel, I basically stayed the same . This year Dex showed a -3.2 -- So the nurse practictioner who specializes in OSTEO for the medical group suggested Forteo. Of course, I immediately hit ****** to see what I could find out. I was fortunate to not have any adverse effects from Actonel. Does anyone know if the Forteo will have ANY positive effects after having been on Actonel? I walk, lift weights, eat fairly decently (although I do like my red wine). This is the last stop I guess, to keep me from ending up like my Mom, who was in a good deal of pain the last 10 years of her life. I read somewhere about Forteo after Fosamax not being as effective. Unfortunately, this sounds reasonable because of the long half life. So how could Forteo build bone if the leftover Fosamax is still keeping everything on hold...... Does anyone have experience/info on this. Thanks in advance - it is awfully nice to find this site...
Welcome Jersey!! You have come to a great place to get information and support. I am just ending my day, but I wanted to at least welcome you on the first day of your posting on this board. Tomorrow morning I will be able to reply to your question at some length. But, a quickie response to your question is that at least one poster on this board had superb results in a situation like yours. She was on Actonel for one year before her forteo treatment. Then after 12 months on forteo , her dexa results showed stunning improvement. I am pretty certain that she will share her story with you, but tonight I wanted to let you know there is definitely hope. See you tomorrow.

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