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Jersey-Hi, yes I do post a bit here:):). I love the mutual aid aspect of the boards. Plus there is also a fun and entertaining aspect. I have to curb my time on the board, because sitting for long periods is definitely not as good for the bones as moving .

I wanted to also bring up to you that a new way of treating osteoporosis seems to be alternating a bisphos (fosamax, actonel,etc) with forteo. My doc seems to want to do a 12 month on forteo, 12 mo on bisphos. and then repeat. As I have just completed the approx 12 months, this is what I am trying to wrap my mind around . It's a little different than your question but not too different as it entails bisphos for a year and then forteo again. As I say this seems to be the direction the docs are going as evidenced also recently by postings from both trail and spinewhine.

Perhaps you read the recent thread that I started about my dexa results. We are basically the same age and meno situation. I am 55. I only took a bisphos- fosamax for 7 weeks before the forteo. So a little different there.
I have moved up my walking over the past 4 years from approx 3 miles a day
to now approx 9. I say approx because sometimes it is more. I do the 9 miles in two stints. I too weight lift , some resistance band and since early this year tai chi. I LOVE TAI CHI. I think there are certain moves there that really work the hips like flying goose in a way that is very different from any normal move and probably very beneficial. Also look on this board about unipedal standing. You can use the board search mechanism.

Everything you are doing sounds very good, except perhaps the wine drinking.
Perhaps you should do some research on osteoporosis and alcohol. I recall that alcohol is not good for your bones. I do know alot of people like red wine for heart health but with exercise and dietary changes as well as meditation techniques for stress relief why bother if it hurts the bones.

A big topic at this board is also vitamin d -- be sure to have your levels checked periodically esp if you go on forteo which eats up your vit d .

And getting back to the forteo--the shots , particularly with the 3/16th needles are a piece of cake. ( My first doc said use the 5/16th , later found out this was really not needed . The 5/16th needles have a more serious look about them.The 3/16th look like nothing much.) It is just not a big deal and then of course you feel good because you are doing something.
I am on my way out now, to get the bones moving. I hope that I answered some of your concerns. Let me know if you have any more questions.:)

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