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My doctor was more than willing to write a script for the renalate in the UK but more than likely his perscription wouldn't be good in the UK and I might not be able to get a years supply. If I didn't like it once I got it I'd be stuck with it so, instead I went with the citrate. And yes, my doc from the Mayo Clinic finally returned my call and said the Boniva should be fine with the strontium. Just don't take them close to eachother. Don't take calcium for 2 hours after or prior to boniva (or anything for that matter but water) and don't take strontium close to calcium either. I was on forteo for 2 years and was told by him (mayo doc) to make sure to go on some sort of drug (fosamax, boniva, etc.) after completing my two years or he felt my bones would not keep the small increases the two years had gained for me. He said the strontium could help and would definetly not hurt. Hope he knows! I will continue to take both till I find someone somewhere that disputes him. My local primary care doc also is in favor of trying this method for a year. I will go on the site you sent to see what I can find. Thanks for sending it.

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