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[QUOTE=kkl;3507573]Hi DesertBloom,

My doctor thought it was the high dose supplements that raised my ionized Ca levels, but she thought it was unusual that it happened. My PTH levels have always been low normal as well as my serum calcium levels, so hyperparathyroidism has been ruled out. I'll mention it to my endo., but she'll
probably think I'm a hypochondriac as I've already requested so many other tests. I'm due for another blood draw in a week so we'll see how it goes. ARe your serum calciums levels high as well?

I can tell when my Vitamin D levels are low, because my legs will start to feel achy. I also have occasional numbness and muscle spasms, but I believe it's associated with a neck injury I had in my twenties.[/QUOTE]

Hi kkl: I don't think I can tell when my D is low, but apparently its been really low for a long time. My serum (total) Ca is normal (10.4), and it's the ionized that's alway slightly elevated. I have pain in my legs, neck, back, hips, but I also have problems with my bone in those areas to explain it, like arthritis, DDD, stenosis etc etc.

Let me know what you find out. For know I'm just taking 2000 IU's of D, since the dr won't put me on a high dose. She's more afraid of what *could* happen if my Ca went any higher. I am on Forteo which raises Ca and D125, but also lowers D25, so that may play a role in this. However my Ca was high "before" I started the Forteo and I decided to take it anyway. I'll be done with it at the end of June.

Good Luck...:)

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