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[QUOTE=phylwill1152;3244391]Hi peppurr and welcome :wave: to the board. I've been taking strontium for over a year now. I took actenol for 2 months, but decided it wasn't something i wanted to continue with. I waited a month to start the strontium, but i did this on my own. My dr. wasn't familiar with strontium at the time, so he wasn't any help. Sorry i can't be more help. Take care...phyllis[/QUOTE]

This is exactly why I posed the question here. I know my doctor won't have a clue. Perhaps I should see a naturopath dr.
Otoh, I have only been taking Fosamax for 3 months so you've given me some direction.
I phoned my pharmacist yesterday and told her I was quitting the F. I wanted to know if there was a weaning period before starting the S. She told me - "Do not quit until you have seen your doctor". Boy...they're all in this together aren't they. Also, I did ask my back specialist about whether to take S or F and he said definitely F.:mad:

By the way, one of my pilates instructors had osteoprenia. She is married to a naturopath dr. She told me about Strontium before I started the F. I am kicking myself for not finding this board beforehand. She actually reversed her osteoprenia with S & supplements.
I realize I have the osteoporosis of the spine but I'm 2.8 on the scale which is not that bad YET so I am definitely getting off this F.

Thank you very much Phyllis for responding!:)
Hi Everyone!
Well...I had the doctor's appt today. hehe. He told me I'm the best osteo patient he has - (thanks to all of YOU!)

I started off by telling him that my jaw started aching badly and he pretty much interrupted me and said "get off it". Blew the wind out of my sail!:D
He told me that when any patient of his has any side effect - he gets them off it. I would guess he just gives them another of the same family. I didn't ask.

He didn't know anything about Strontium. Said he's heard of it but hasn't researched it. I asked him how long I should wait before going on Strontium and he said to be safe - 2wks to get out of your bloodstream but preferably a month. So I will wait a month. Note, he's saying this even though he doesn't know anything about it.

Interestingly enough, when I was waiting for the doctor, I picked up a medical magazine and flipped through it. Low and behold they had a 4 pg article on osteo, Actonel, Fosamax, Forteo and Strontium Retelate. They are working to approve the S Retelate in Canada. They figure this S Retelate will replace everything else.

Anyways, when I was talking about the Strontium and when he said he hadn't researched it - I handed him the article!:D

I also asked him about urine calcium tests and he said no. Sorry, I can't remember why - it was complicated and I had mind overload at that point.

In the article they also talked about weight bearing exercizes. They quoted a Doctor at McMasters University and he said while it's good to exercize it's not going to make much difference in your bone mass. That's the first time I've heard anything like that! Even my doctor today was stressing the walking which seems to be the general consensus. Also, in this article, they mentioned the possible side effect of jaw disease with Fosamax. They said it was extremely rare with only 0.8% getting it. I'm now thinking this magazine was put out by a pharmaceutical company. I should have checked.

Boy you sure can get conflicting info. I was just reading Karin's thread and she's saying a Doctor at the Mayo says you can take Boniva and Strontium at the same time!:confused:

I told my doctor I will start the Strontium Citrate in a month and try that for 3 yrs which is when I am due for another scan. I said maybe by that time Strontium Renelate will be available.

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