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First of all, THANK YOU to all of you (especially DesertBloom) for such great research and information here.
I've been reading, reading for the past 2 days here and I've made up my mind to get off Fosamax. Forteo sounds pretty good too, so I'm not quite sure - Strontium or Forteo.

Anyways, I will be seeing my doctor next week to go over this with him but in the meantime can someone tell me - should I wait a period between quitting the Fosamax and starting Strontium? I don't think my doctor will know.

I see Fosamax can stay in your system for 10-20 yrs after taking it, so I'm not going to wait that long!:D

Has anyone made this switch before and if so how did you do it?

ETA I just looked up Forteo - and the first thing I see is that it causes bone cancer in animals!! eek!
[QUOTE=phylwill1152;3244391]Hi peppurr and welcome :wave: to the board. I've been taking strontium for over a year now. I took actenol for 2 months, but decided it wasn't something i wanted to continue with. I waited a month to start the strontium, but i did this on my own. My dr. wasn't familiar with strontium at the time, so he wasn't any help. Sorry i can't be more help. Take care...phyllis[/QUOTE]

This is exactly why I posed the question here. I know my doctor won't have a clue. Perhaps I should see a naturopath dr.
Otoh, I have only been taking Fosamax for 3 months so you've given me some direction.
I phoned my pharmacist yesterday and told her I was quitting the F. I wanted to know if there was a weaning period before starting the S. She told me - "Do not quit until you have seen your doctor". Boy...they're all in this together aren't they. Also, I did ask my back specialist about whether to take S or F and he said definitely F.:mad:

By the way, one of my pilates instructors had osteoprenia. She is married to a naturopath dr. She told me about Strontium before I started the F. I am kicking myself for not finding this board beforehand. She actually reversed her osteoprenia with S & supplements.
I realize I have the osteoporosis of the spine but I'm 2.8 on the scale which is not that bad YET so I am definitely getting off this F.

Thank you very much Phyllis for responding!:)

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