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What are the side effects from to many steriod epidural injections?
I believe that the many I had contributed alot to my severe osteoporosis. The medication shrinks tissues but also bathes your bones in it and makes them soft. I'd limit these to as few as possible.
Hi Colleen: How many injections is "many"?

Everyone has a differing opinion on this so all I can tell you is what I've been told by 7 or so different drs., and they say that what you have to be concerned about is the type of cortisone that is used daily for over 3 months. Some people use those daily inhalers or nasal spray that has cortisone, and use it for years so those can cause problems. The only thing is if you need these meds for asthma or lupus etc you have to decide the risk v. benefit. I know some people can't breathe without them so they have to use it, and pay the consequences, if any.

I've had about a dozens lumbar epidurals, several trigger point injections, and I don't think it has hurt me. I did have severe osteo of the spine, but since I've been on Forteo I have increased my bone density tremendously. Usually those injections are limited to 1/2 or 1 mgs, which is less than what you produce in a day as far as steriods go; so you'll have to decide for yourself what you think is the answer. If you have excruciating pain and the epidural helps, are you going to worry minor bone loss "if" any occurs from that amount.

I've also been told that you can't inject cortisone directly into the epidural space, and what they use is a different type of med for that. It's still in the steriod family of meds but it's not a corticosteroid. Look into this, because I don't always beleive what I'm told so you need to figure it out yourself and ask your dr how much they are injecting and what it is. When I had trigger point injections, into a tendon or muscle, they did use cortisone but they won't give you more than 1 a year and there is a limit of 2 total injections into "one" tendon or spot. The spinal epidurals have depo medrol in them, so look that up and see what the difference is between the two meds.

My mineral metabolism dr also treats pulmonary problems and she feels that the inhalers, oral pred, and nasal sprays [I]over time [/I]are the real culprits for bone loss, and that I don't need to worry about 1/2 mg of pred every couple of years or more. I've also taken the medrol dose pack several times after surgery, but there again it's a limited dose amount for 7 or 10 days and it does really help the pain and healing for me. Again with that they won't rx it more than 1 time a year so I think I've used that 4 times over 28 years or so.

Unfortunately none of this is written in stone so do your research. I personally would have another epidural if I thought it would help my pain, and not worry about any bone loss in that area. My epidurals were spaced out over 28 years, so I don't think I ever had more than 2 in 5 years.

Good luck...:wave:

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