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Hi Kobalt: I don't know anything about ezorb, but your 2 year results look really good!!!

From the numbers you posted it looks like you increased your bone density in the spine by .2 and in the femur by .4. Those are good numbers for calcium supplements. I'm sure your exercising etc has helped a lot as well so CONGRATS on the improvement. Your femur scores are in the normal range and your spine is in the osteopenia range-Fantastic.

Keep up the good work!!
Did the E-Zorb affect your blood calcium levels? Mine runs high normal; and my pcp is concerned if I that it I would end up in trouble.
My calcium levels were normal. This is after approx 18 mos of use. Taking dose recomended by ezorb. I know walking is good but I do not believe that walking builds bone.


Thanks for the response. Good to hear that your calcium level did not go up. I am still on the fence as to what to do. I recently had my last bone density and had improvement of spine and one hip and a little decrease one hip. I do walking plus light weight exercises. I also have fibromyalgia.

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