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After five years on Fosamax, I had just held my bone density- no increase or decrease. After 18 months on Forteo I had significant improvement.

I believe Forteo is still only allowed for two years but have heard the possibility of extending it.

The shots are a "snap" once you get used to it. The needle is very fine and most days I did not even feel it.

I never experienced any side effects such as dizziness.
Hi Mina: Sorry your mom is having such a hard time, but the Forteo should help a lot. They are now using Forteo to speed the healing of fractures and joint replacements because it grows new bone so fast. Of course everyone respond differently to it, but I have had great improvements in bmd since I started it 17 months ago.

I don't have any side effects and never had the dizziness. If your mom has this problem she could take the shot before going to bed at night, if it causes any problem. I haven't had any trouble giving the shot, it is really easy and I rarely feel it. Forteo is a sub qutaneous injection (just below the skin) so the needle is really small, it's not like the type they use for B12 or other injections. If they give her a choice on the needle size it comes in 3/16th of an inch or 5/16th of an inch in length. I used both and can't really decide which I like better.

I took Actonel and it didn't work and the Forteo worked great so hopefully your mom will have the same reaction. Usually you don't take it more than the 2 years, but there are some here that are going past that time limit with their insurance/drs approval. I wouldn't want to stop taking the Forteo before the 2 years are up, but if she needs to for some reason she can; just remember that she has to follow with another bone med to retain any gains she made in bone density.

Good luck to you all...

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