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Hi, this is my first post on these boards and this thread caught my attention! I am 35 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis in September 2006. I had a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oopherectomy (removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes) for endometriosis in August 2005. Big mistake for me with huge problems since but that is another story. I am fairly thin (5'6" and 126 lbs but was only 102 lbs at time of first dexa scan) and have many risk factors for osteoporosis (history of smoking although I quit over a year ago, Grandma has severe osteoporosis with fractures, surgical menopause, treated with Lupron, previous fracture from a ballet career in my early twenties, history of anorexia, and the list goes on).

I wanted to mention that my first year post op, I took compounded bioidentical progesterone and Triest in various forms but had lots of trouble absorbing it and had many many menopausal symptoms. I lost a lot of muscle mass and also weight due to chronic nausea. I did try testosterone in cream form, troches, and synthetic testosterone in Estratest, but every single form gave me severe migraines and too many weird fluctuations.

I had my first dexa scan in August 2006 (after begging for one due to my history and problems) and my scores were as follows:
Spine (not sure which part) was -3.2
femoral neck (right hip) was -1.8.

I was shocked at my scores and this prompted me to quit smoking cold turkey (which I have maintained successfully). I also switched to a stronger form of hrt (estradiol) in the form of the Vivelle Dot patch at .075 mg (which has helped alleviate some symptoms but not others). I was already taking calcium (1500 mg) and vitamin D (800 IU). I can not tolerate magnesium in any form except through foods without getting sick with body aches for some reason. I have done some light weightlifting and exercising but not consistantly due to fibromyalgia brought on by my hysterectomy and also pelvic pain due to adhesions and scar tissue. I also gained weight (14 lbs) from quiting smoking and eating better and healthier. Other than those things I have not done much else to fight my osteoporosis. I have refused to take any of the bisphosphonates due to an extremely sensitive stomach and sensitivity to meds in general and the fear of side effects and osteonecrosis. I am young yet to resort to those.

One year later, this last September, I had another DEXA scan at the same office and my scores improved to the following:
spine -3.0
femoral neck (right hip) -1.4
femoral neck (left hip) -1.2
wrist -1

So my spine improved by .2 and my hip by .4 which to me is significant. I have also had my estradiol levels checked since being on the patch and they have been much higher (130 can't think of measurement offhand) compared to 22 when I was on the compouded Triest. So I do credit the estradiol hrt with helping to improve my scores as well as quiting smoking and gaining weight. Of coure, for me the benefits of taking hrt far outweigh the risks due to my age and surgery status. Anyway, just thought I would share a positive outcome as far as bone density improvement with hrt.

I continue to have some loss of muscle mass and my testosterone levels have tested extremely low (as they would without ovaries) so I am not sure if it is from that or from not being as active as I was before my hysterectomy. I do also find it frustrating that I have not been able to build muscle in my arms from lifting dumbells four times a week for 1/2 hour. If only I could find a testosterone I could tolerate.

I am also struggling with an ever increasing stoop in my upper back and I am fighting hard with exercise to stop it from progressing but of course my fibromyalgia pain makes it hard to do. This is very depressing because I used to have a strong, straight back in my dancing days. Oh the joys of early menopause!

I think having your hormone levels tested would provide valuable information. There is a good book called "Screaming to be Heard" by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet (hormone specialist) that discusses hormones and issues like breast cancer and bone loss. She also discusses that you need estradiol levels above 90 to really have any positive impact on bone density. It is worth reading.

Hope this helps!

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