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Thank you for welcoming me here osteoblast and Desertbloom! I have been searching and searching for a group to talk to about my osteoporosis struggles and was glad to stumble into this group. It seems like a very open minded and smart group.

As far as who I see for my hormones, I see a general practitioner who is also a naturopathic doctor. The gynecologist who did my hysterectomy was clueless about hormones and I just could not get him to listen to me. I went to a compounding pharmacy and asked what doctors they worked with, and then started calling around. There were only two doctors in my insurance network that worked with the compounded hormones. One was the doctor I see now, the other was a female gynecologist (in the same practice as my other gyn) specializing in midlife/menopausal health. I wanted to see the gyn but was told she was not taking new patients. Later I did end up seeing her for gynecological problems and have also worked with her on hormones, but for the most part I work with my primary care/naturopathic doctor. She has let me call her at home and sees me at the drop of a hat where the gynecologist is really hard to get into. I have had such a rollar coaster of a time with hormones that I need a lot of help!

You know, I have not done any research about supplements that build muscle mass. It just never crossed my mind to research this area since I seem to be chasing so many fires at once. I have heard of glutamine but am not that familiar with it. This really sparks my interest though and I am sure going to look into it now! My doctor did mention that my DHEA levels were abnormally low and I have thought about supplementing with that. It is supposed to be a precursor to testosterone.

I have not had an xray on my upper back yet. It seems to be really hard for me to get anyone to take this seriously (I had to beg and plead for my first DEXA scan because no one would believe that at my age I was at high risk even though I lost both ovaries). The rheumatologist I saw just handed me a prescription for fosomax and said to see my primary care doctor with any concerns. He did test calcium and vitamin D levels (normal) and did that 24 hour urine excretion test (normal) but that is about it. However, becuase of my issues with fibromyalgia and pelvic pain and inability to work fulltime (I now work part time), I have been referred to and evaluated for a sixteen week chronic pain program that includes physical and occupational therapy and non drug forms of pain management. I already take Tramadol and Lortabs as needed but I don't want to be dependant on these meds forever and they actually make the pelvic pain worse becuase of constipation on them. The program is ten hours a week (but not all of it exercise obviously). I mentioned that I desperately need guidance with exercises to strengthen my back, arm, abdominal, and leg muscles. Right now I exercise on my own (some of the exercises I use are from the book "Strong Women Strong Bones" by Dr. Miriam Nelson) but I don't know if I am doing things right or the right exercises and I certainly could use motivation. I don't want to go to just anybody because of my osteoporosis and other conditions that make things more complicated and risky. This program starts in January.

[QUOTE]hopefully this will fix my 3 ruptured cervical discs/posture-yikes... They're also giving me traction on my neck and thoracic spine for the posture prob, pain, and disc situation, because the discs are causing numbness in both arms and hands from the disc protruding into the spinal canal.[/QUOTE]

I am sorry to hear about your ruptured discs desertbloom! Sounds like you have really had your share of struggles too! When I read about your numbness in both arms and hands my heart just about stopped beating. I have been having these strange numbness and tingling sensations in my arms and hands for the past few months. Sort of like when your limbs "fall asleep". A very uncomfortable feeling. It comes and goes. It never occured to me that it could have something to do with my posture or back problems but this does make sense. I feel like such a hypochondriac that I have stopped telling doctors about my problems unless it is something really bad so I have just let it slide. I just assumed it had something to do with either fibromyalgia or my hormones being so out of whack. I have a lot of stiffness in my neck and boy does it hurt when I move it the wrong way. One of the physical therapy evaluators mumbled something to himself about my neck protruding forward and being out of alignment. I am always messaging my neck because it feels strained. I have not had a lot of pain in my upper back, just the stooped posture and rounded shoulders. I do have to be careful with back exercises and lifting the dumbells becuase my upper back muscles and shoulder blade muscles strain very easily and then it hurts. So what kind of xray will detect a compression fracture? Would it be a bone scan or MRI or something else? I have often wondered if people can actually get these fractures without pain. My Grandma (who is ninety now) has had lots of back problems and a wrist fracture also. She lost a lot of height in the last twenty years. I do have her physique so this worries me. She has been very sick in the past few years (colon cancer and now battling pneumonia) so I have not been able to talk to her much about it. She has outlived two husbands and just keeps fighting. She is one tough lady!

Thank you both for sharing so much with me! Boy, I have learned something already from this group! Maybe when I start the pain program I will ask the physical therapist about doing a possible xray for my upper back. They know about my osteoporosis and my exercise goals. Surely they would want to monitor this before starting me out on anything strenuous. I can certainly understand your not wanting any more surgeries desertbloom. Believe me! Thanks again for taking the time to respond! Good luck osteoblast with your upcoming appointment! Some doctors don't believe in hormone testing and go by how you feel so you might have trouble with getting your hormones tested, but I like to monitor my levels and know how much estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone I am getting so I nag them until I get them to test me. :D
Have a great weekend everyone!

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