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I was on Fosamax for only 11 weeks. After a couple of weeks my jaw started aching. I also started waking up in the middle of the nite which I've never done except to go to the bathroom. I started feeling nauseous and I gained 10 lbs. It was then that I started doing some research and found this site.

I told my doctor I was quitting. I'm now with a naturopath and taking Strontium Citrate, Ca supplements with magnesium and lots of Vit D.

After quitting the Fosamax everything returned to normal within a week. I still have 2 of the 10 lbs to lose though.
Hi Clerklady: I'm so sorry for all your problems!! The way I understand these osteo drugs, is that antiresorptives (fosamax-boniva-actenol, hrt, calcitonin) just "slow" bone loss they don't actually build bone. The thinking is if the bone loss is slowed then you end up with a net increase in bone since the destruction is under control so to speak. The only meds that actually build bone are anabolics (Forteo-Strontium Ranelate). I've never heard that fosamax helps with the absorption of nutrients, but maybe they do. For instance you take calcium, and vitamin D is the thing that transports the calcium to the bone, so those two are crucial together for that reason, unless you have some problems with your Vit D or Cal levels.

Osteoporosis only causes pain if you have or have had a fracture, so I don't see how the med could help the pain. Bone pain is one of the side effects for fosamax et al, but I have talked to people that got pain relief from forteo (daily injection) for osteo. It sounds like your dr is trying to coax you into a treatment, so just be sure you do what's right for you.

I have 5 bulging discs (C2-C7) in my neck ranging from 1.5-2.5 mm involving the dural sac, facet joints and joints of the Luschka and I don't believe they are a cause of osteoporosis, but more likely the result of degenerative disc which I have through my entire spine, but it is pretty painful. When you had the mri, did they scan your spine and shoulder or just one or the other. Obviously you have a problem that needs a diagnosis, so I would continue to find one. Did they do any tests for the other pain in your lower spine? You mentioned nerve damage and meds for that so I'm assuming you had some type of injury, in that area-is that correct? Muscle spasms are always a signal of an underlying injury so I would look into that and you have sciatica as well. Some ruptured discs don't hurt and some are real painful, it usually depends on the degree of bulge and what else is involved (nerves, spine, muscle etc).

I'm not sure if any of this is osteo related, but regardless you need some help and a dx. Just read as much as you can about "all" the treatment options and make sure you include any pre existing conditions that could cause further probs like gi ones in making your decision. Bisphos's can be really hard on the stomach, and then some have no problems with them at all so try to figure out where your body is at before you decide on anything.

Good Luck...
Thank you all for the valuable information. I do not know what to do at this point.
I am due for new MRI's, I have been tested for arthritis by blood test and x-rays, they were all negative, but I am not ruling that out. The last MRI'S were done in 4 separate areas, my hips, my thoracic spine, my neck and my brain. The MRI of the neck showed bulging in 4 & 5, I think. My Dr. was killed in a car accident so I had to switch, and we are waiting for my records to be sent to my new one, before she will proceed she would like to look at my records. Then will order new MRI’s to see if anything has changed. I have had a nerve test and also been to neurologist. So far my old Doctor told me that the disc would heal on there own, that the nerve damage would heal on it’s own and I should be pain free in 6 months. Well NOT….With this new diagnosis of OP I was hoping that would be the answer to some of my problems. But oh well you are right about one thing it is not a diease, just a way of my body telling me I am getting older, which I hate because I have a 9 & 13 year old to chase after…….

Desertbloom, I was in a car wreck when I was 14, but no other injuries to my neck. You are right that the disc in my neck do not hurt, I can tell when I have overdone it, but the way my hands, feet and back feels, like inflammation and hitting on the nerve bundle. So that is what the new med lycria is for, it is helping but I am not on a very strong dose, muscle spasm not every day but there are still there most days.

So from all that have posted and shared information with me, some take supplements of calcium citrate w/mag and vitium D, and Strontium citrate and supplements. Do you see that is working and helping your OP??? Can these be bought over the counter.???
Do they do a blood test to check your cal. And vit D levels? Maybe I need to do that also.

I am not going to take the Foamex, my mother takes it ,but since Feb. diagnosed with RA, OP , a lung disease and non small cell cancer of the lung, she is starting treatment next week. I did notice that chemo and radiation do not mix with fosamax so she will no longer be taking that. But after all this is settle down for her she can start back or not, I am hoping that she will not, but I will talk to her rumatologist, he is the one who prescribed this for her. So my plate is full.
I will also order the book; it really infuriates me that we can not get the correct information without some one trying to make money no matter what. A big thanks to you all. Let me know if what you are taking now has helped or any other information you have. God Bless you all, Denise
Hi Denise: You should take some supplements like calcium, magnesium and D, plus do what you can for weight bearing exercises, provided it doesn't make any of your other back problems worse. My neck really hurts, but I'm going to physical therapy for traction, massage and exercise. I have trouble turning my neck in any direction so this therapy is helping. I also have numb arms from the radiculopathy (nerve pinching) in my cervical spine. Ruptured discs "can" heal on their own, and somtimes don't hurt at all, but mine does. I suppose it depends on how bad the bulge is, and if it's not to bad it can slip back into place. When I have the traction done at PT, that's what they are trying to achieve. There are also exercises that can help the disc move back into place. I take cymbalta for the nerve pain and it's helping a lot, but it doesn't do anything for bone, muscle or joint pain.

If you haven't had your mineral/vitamin levels checked you probably should just to make sure everything is okay. They check vit D, calcium, phosphorous, in a blood test. Also calcium is checked in your urine as well to see how much you excrete.

I've never tried strontium citrate, but others have and are having good results from it, you can buy it over the counter. I take forteo and my t-scores have improved tremendously.

Best of luck to your mom as well.

Good luck with all of this:)
Hi Denise,
I too got diagnosed with osteopenia a few months ago. I' m 57. Dr prescribed Actonel. I took 3 dsages and after each I was nauseaus and had ingidestion problems. I stoppd taking it,read alot and was on this site constantly. I now take alongwith my calcium magnesium and K2. I also take strontium before going to bed and do weight bearing exercises plus juming jacks! I am hopping this will all help I will be goingto a different doctor next time. Last endo was pretty adamant that I was goingto break something and be bed ridden if I didn't take drugs!!
Remember there are other options. Explore all posibilities before making your OWN decisions...Good Luck...

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