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Dexa Scan Results
Dec 3, 2007
I received the results of my Dexa scan a few days ago, and my spine went from -.02 to -.01, and my left hip went from -2.4 to -2.3! I am really happy that my bone density improved slightly from my scan of two years ago and I didn't slide down to osteoporosis range. I can't even put into words how relieved I am that the effort I put into taking E-zorb, supplements, going to the gym, swimming, and changing my diet may have stopped my bone loss, but the biggest reason I have not incurred additional bone loss is this message board and all the great advice I have received from all of you, so thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't say it enough!!!!
Thanks Desert Bloom and Canna. No, I don't take strontium, I posted prior to my Dexa scan that if I slid down to osteoporosis range I would try it, but since I held on for two years at -2.3, I'm going to stay the course with the supplements, exercise, and diet plan I am following, but I might increase the e-zorb from four to five tablets daily. I just started taking 1,000 mgs. of Vitamin D3 a few months ago, I only took 400 mgs. in the past, so I'm hoping that will help future readings.

I went to an osteoporosis treatment center for my scan, and the technician told me my prior scan from two years ago at local hospital should be considered fraudulent because the calculation of my score was not done properly! Although I was tested on the same type of machine the local hospital used, her comment made me think that maybe my score of -2.4 wasn't correct two years ago and I could have been -2.3 back then and really have no improvement, but even if the score stayed the same for two years I still consider it very good results for me (posters who are being scanned at local hospitals should be aware of the fact the results might not be calculated properly). She also said that only the left hip is scanned because I am right handed and the left side is the least active. Her comment told me what many posters suspected, that hip density is improved by activity. Maybe posters can improve their hip density scores more than I did with weight bearing exercise, since I have limitations due to back problems and knee injuries.

I make bone soup once a week now, and drink it everyday at lunch, with a sandwich and calcium containing veggie like kale on the side. I don't drink red wine straight any longer, I add calcium fortified orange juice to make a sangria-like drink. I've balanced my diet so if I eat or drink a calcium leecher like wine, I eat a calcium containing food at the same time.

Thanks again to all for your encouragement and support!!!

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