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Re: Boron
Dec 12, 2007
[QUOTE=phylwill1152;3346939]thanks Jacal5...I didn't think about that since you see so many calcium, mag, and zinc combo tablets on the shelves. Now i have another question..with so many dfferent books, views and opinions out there how are we to know which one is the best to follow? Everything you read is slightly different from what you've read before and every person has their own agenda they are trying to promote. oh well, all we can do is the best we can and hope for the best. take care...phyllis.[/QUOTE]

Your welcome! I tend put more credence in research documentation versus web-sites that have health articles and try to sell you the supplements to prevent the health condition presented in the article, but research can be influenced/funded by the drug companies, so there's no guarantee of which data is correct.

Case in point of whether zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C block calcium absorption, as long as I read it may be a possibility, I won't take them at the same time. In addition, I get some of my supplements from a vitamin company which sells pharmaceutical grade supplements, and they have a calcium citrate/magnesium combo pill, and now I noticed an insert in their catalog stating that calcium and magnesium shouldn't be taken together. I would think this is correct information since they may lose sales of their calcium/magnesium combo tablet by printing that information for their customers. They already sell a magnesium only supplement.

I almost forgot, I went to an osteoporosis seminar and the calcium/magnesium absorption problem was mentioned, but the speaker said if calcium and magnesium are in the same tablet "don't worry about it because the manufacturer knows what it's doing." I thought it was lame on the speaker's part to excuse the supplement makers for doing the wrong thing. It's the same type of problem with Viactive putting calcium in chocolate which contains oxolates that block absorption.

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