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Hi Stephie: I just wrote a long post to you and lost it so I hope I include everything I mentioned.

I don't have [U]any[/U] side effects from the Forteo and it's working [B]unbelievably[/B]!!!! The Dr is even shock at my improvement.

The best specialist for osteo are Mineral Metabolism docs, Endo's and Rheumy's. I had to go to a Univ Hosp to find a Mineral Met. doc, but it was well worth it. I also have an Endo and Rheumy, but I don't care for either of them, and don't see them very often, but that doesn't mean they are all like that, it's just that I live in a small town and there is only one of each type of Dr. My Min Met doc is a dream (women) she allows 45 mins for each patient (unheard of) and the only down side is they are only in one day a week and spend the rest of the week in the research lab. They are working on a gene that may explain why certain people get osteo, and if you want to read about it it's called the DARC gene.

If you get a new Dr ask about freebies of Forteo, since that's how I'm getting it. If they don't rotate their office stock of it they have to throw it away:mad:if they don't have a lot of patients on it. Even if they do, they usually have enough to give away some. I get mine from 3 different drs so I don't hurt their supply to bad. My insurance covered it the first year I was on it, but then they stopped covering it. Since I was on it for a year on my insurance, no one wanted to cut me off of it and that may have helped in getting the free stuff. If you can't get it that way let me know I know of some other ways ;)

I hope you are feeling better, and I also hope you meant you have some Forteo waiting for you when you mentioned the "boxes", is that what you meant?

Here's a link that can explain all you could ever need to know about Forteo, and they don't pull any punches, they explain the risks, which are very low, as well. Please try to read the whole thing it doesn't take that long. When you read about the rats, don't panic, they were given 30-60 times the human dose over their entire lives, and they are predisposed to osteosarcoma. We can only take 20 mcgs which is a really small dose and only for 24 mos, where the rats got it forever, so you really can't compare that to the human dose with the risks. If you look at the statistics on osteosarcoma, it is really low in Forteo users, only one patient actually contracted osteosar, and they don't know if it was from the Forteo while there are over 300,000 people taking it. Osteosarcoma is a cancer anyone can get 1 in 100,000, but the ones who have it aren't on Forteo.


Good Luck and if you have anymore questions ask away...:jester:
Hi Atmgd and Stephie: Atmgd, I'm glad you had some improvement on forteo and you're right forteo is the only U.S. drug that "actually" builds "new" bone, which is why they use it prior to bone surgeries. As I mentioned I didn't have ANY side effects either except for the ones you mentioned about the injections site, but that is normal, I never had any pain from it like you did.

Stephie: This is totally up to you, but if you have drs willing to give it to you free, why not try it. You can always stop it if you have a problem with it. Forteo is genetically engineered Parathyroid hormone which you body makes anyway, it just isn't the full DNA chain of it. You only take it for 2 years as you know, and the med only stays in your body for 16-24 hours and then excretes. At least it's not like the bisphosphonates that stay in your system for 10 + years. If you were worried about long term effects, there aren't any except the 1 in 100,000 that contract osteosarcoma. One patient in Australia contracted that while on Forteo, but she had other cancers that had metasticized, so they can't say that Forteo was the cause and her cancer and her family doesn't wish to pursue any medical testing to prove it one way or the other. In any case those are very good odds of not getting cancer, when you compare it to other types of cancer statistics.

If I was you I would worry about additional fx's and forteo can grow new bone and prevent that. I'm not trying to scare you but I'm sure you thought about that already anyway.

See what you think, since you can get it free, and stop it if you don't like it. Frankly I haven't talked to that many people who had side effects, but there are some on this board who did, but the vast majority didn't have any. If you are worried about weight gain, which I don't think Forteo causes, I would look at it as a "very small" price to pay to prevent another fx. Those who mentioned weigth gain didn't gain that much and we'll never know for sure if the Forteo or something else did it. I'm now loosing weight on Forteo, but it's because I've cut out desserts.:mad:

Good Luck with your decision.:angel::angel:

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