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Hi JJ: Welcome to the board!!! To answer some of your questions, I would have to ask you some question to clarify some things-[I]do you mind[/I]???

You mentioned you stopped menstruating, did you have surgical removal of uterus/ovaries, and if so what was the reason. Normally if you are still menstruating, you can't take any of the bone meds, except for Forteo, but they wouldn't suggest the Forteo because of your score, unless your hip score is a "lot" lower than your spine, say at -2.5 or lower. Since you are young you have the opportunity to reverse this earlier than most, so you are very lucky they found this out, even though your score isn't too bad. I went through early non surgical meno in my early 30's, but I didn't actually stop my cycles for 7 years after my problems started (intermittent cycles a couple each year until they stopped completely).

Some people believe that osteopenia doesn't need to be treated with bone meds, because it's possible to reverse your score with minerals/vitamins/exercise, and some feel otherwise; the important thing is to do what's best for YOU. However, since you are young with osteopenia, I would definitely like to know what caused it so that would be important to know. There are many secondary causes of osteopenia and osteoporosis, so I would ask the dr to check you for those. The main one would be meno, at your age, and the reason. Make sure they check your [U]hormone levels[/U], because once this decreases, you body slows in it's bone building ability, and that's important even if you still have your ovaries. Eating disorders, excess exercise-like the kind a olympiad might do, can cause cessation of menstration. Have "all" your thyroid/parathyroid levels checked (simple blood tests) also your blood/urinary calcium, D 25/D 125, phosphorous, ferritin, if you have absorption probs I would also ask for the Celiac/Crohns test (also a simple blood test initially). They might want to check pituitary, hypothalmic, polycystic, ovarian syndrome, uterine adhesions (due to surgery or infection)? All these tests may sound daunting, but it wouldn't take more than 10 minutes at a lab, after the tests are ordered. There are a couple that require more than just a blood test, but you don't need to worry about that either.

Have you taken any steriods like prednisone/cortisone for long periods of time, say for asthma? Have you taken Lupron or Zoladex, there's also another one I can't think of that is used as a long term birth control shot? Have you taken high doses of thyroid meds for over active thyroid disorder? Have you ever had chemo/radiation? Life style factors could be tobacco, excessive alcohol, little physical activity? Disabilities causing low activity? All of these are some of the secondary causes of osteopenia/porosis, as well as the questions below.

Have you fractured any bones, or do you have any spinal/joint problems like osteo arthritis, degenerative disc, scoliosis, posture abnormalities? Do you have a family history of osteopenia/osteoporosis?

Well that's probably enough questions and suggestions for now, your head is probably spinning. ;) Just don't panic your score isn't that far from normal, but being young and having that score raises 'some' red flags. Oh I forgot to mention there are alternative tx's you could try, if your in the US, Strontium Citrate (OTC) has helped quite a few on this board, and if your in Europe you can get the rx version of Strontium Ranelate. Just make sure you get enough vitamins/minerals/and exercise as soon as possible. The exercise would be weight bearing, which is anything done while standing, or lifting weights from a sitting or prone position. Read as much as you can and the link below is a good place to start.

[B]Normal[/B] bone density is any score above -1

[B]Osteopenia[/B] is any score between -1 to -2.5 (yours is -1.7) try to find out your hip score.

[B]Osteoporosis[/B] is any score below -2.5 from [World Health Org., 2007; University of WA Bone Physiology Program: Dr. Susan Ott]

Good luck with your appointment, and see if the dr thinks that supplements and exercise alone is enough to treat this. If they do all or some of the tests I listed, and any come back positive, most of them are relatively easy to treat which could reverse the osteopenia, so if that's the case you'd be solving 2 probs at once. Again, just stay calm, and take it one step at a time, you'll be fine once you find out the cause and start you tx. Someone is always here to help you out with invaluable knowledge and kindness :angel:


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