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Dexa Scan Result
Dec 21, 2007
Hi all,

I posted my Dexa scan results a few weeks ago that I received verbally after
the test at the osteoporosis facility, but I thought I was told my spine was -.01, but the report came in the mail yesterday and my spine is -1.0, which is worse than my last score two years ago of -.02. My left hip was better than last time from -2.4 to -2.3.

In my prior post I mentioned I was told by the technician that the calculation that was used two years ago was fraudulent. The bottom line is I don't know if I improved from two years ago or got worse, now I'm a little disappointed.

The report said my 10 yr. risk of hip fracture is 2% compared to 1% for age-matched peers. Doesn't that mean a -2.3 t-score at the hip indicates a very low risk of fracture? If that's the case, wouldn't hip scores of -2.6, -2.7 not be that bad either, even though the scores are considered osteoporosis range?

BTW, I had a film mammogram yesterday and the doc called and said there were no changes from last time, but he wants me to have a sonogram because I have dense tissue. Apparently the mammogram only detects 50% of tumors in dense breasts, but the sonogram may detect others hiding in the fibrous tissue. I was kind of upset, because if the mammogram is that ineffective for patients like me, why should I subject myself to the radiation every year, maybe I should be getting a digital mammogram next year which gives off 50% less radiation and then get a sonogram. They are even using MRI's and nuclear breast exams now.

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