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Hi atmgd! I am fairly new here also but just wanted to drop in and say I was diagnosed with osteoporosis via DEXA scan in August 2006 (t scores -3.2 spine and -1.8 hip) at 34 years of age. All the conventional tests they ran for me were normal also, with the exception of my hormone levels (estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels). I did have a complete hysterectomy/oopherectomy a year prior to the dexa but have been on hormone replacement. Nevertheless, it was not being absorbed correctly. Also, since it had only been a year between my hysterectomy and dexa scan, I am assuming the process of bone loss started much earlier. My other risk factors include hypothyroidism and being treated with synthroid for over 18 years, being a bit underweight and a history of anorexia in my teens, being lactose intolerant (therefore not getting enough calcium through diet), having endometriosis on my ovaries so that they were not functioning optimally, taking various birth control forms, family history.
I also have delt with depression for years and have discovered this condition can also cause bone loss. Ironically, new studies are showing that some of the anti depressants used to treat depression can cause bone loss as well, specifically the SSRIS.

There just is no concrete reason for me either, but I did find that upping my calcium intake, increasing my vitamin D daily intake, weight bearing exercise, maintaining a normal body weight and a healthier diet, and taking a stronger hormone replacement and getting my estrogen levels back up there all led to an improved dexa scan result this last September (-3.0 in spine and -1.4 in hip). I have not had any fractures yet (that I am aware of) but do suffer with fibromyalgia and have constant pain in my muscles and joints. I also have a stooped posture and rounded back and will be starting physical therapy and pain management in January. Exercise is a challenge but I still do it.

I hope you get things figured out and find a treatment plan that works for you! It is hard to have to deal with this at such a young age and not know what the future holds. All we can do is the best we can! Good luck to you and welcome to the group!

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