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Hi Starfish: I've been going through that link I posted, on remodeling, and I can't find the photograph you're talking about. Do you remember what page it was on? Maybe if you could tell me what else was on the page, or what section of the link it was in I could find it? With DXA's, any slight movement would alter the score a lot, so I'm not sure if this is similar to what you are refering too, with the "angle" of the picture.

When you respond to a post, you can scroll down to the bottom of the screen and see the other posters responses on that particular page. There's also a feature, somewhere, where you can click on and icon that say's something like "show thread" and it will display the entire thread for those post's. I had the same problem myself, and finally figured out how to see the others responses, so I didn't have to memorize all the questions.

HGH, really sounds interesting; did you see the section on that in the link I posted? I like the part where you said it "increases your muscles and makes body fat disappear" how wonderful. I'm sure there's a lot more to it for bone loss, but since I haven't done that much reading on it, I'm a bit naive:( I can't imagine lossing weight that fast and then having to put it back on.

It sounds like the Pilates has helped you tremendously with the kyphosis!! Where is the curve at? Is it in the mid back, or upper back? I have scoliosis in the lumbar area, and was told that would make osteo worse. It has something to do with the curve causing mechanical pressure on the discs and vertebra, but I don't really understand how that would cause bone loss. My grandmother had really bad kyphosis, with height loss, but she had fx's with the really visible hump in the thoracic spine. She had to have all her clothes altered because of that, it was horrible. I'm glad you haven't fractured, but I'm wondering if you may have had some minor compression fx's (causing the kypho) that you didn't feel? This number keeps changing but I think they say that 40% of compression fx's go undiagnosed since some are painless. I'm working on my posture with a therapist, and hope it will prevent more forward curving. I bend forward from the top of my thoracic spine and then have cervical probs, so I'm hoping the traction I'm getting will help that.

Hopefully some day strength and flexibility can be factored into the bmd measurments. Let me know if you figure out what page that photo is on, you've got me really curious!!!!

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