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Hi Jackie and Welcome... Do you know what is wrong with your back? If you dr wants you to go on it they must have a good reason. Remember that Forteo is man made parathyroid hormone, the same hormone our body makes daily to prevent bone loss and regulate calcium and phosphate absorption. So actually it is a natural way to treat your problem.

Peppur is exactly correct on what was done to the rats in the Lily Trial. No one has contracted osteosarcoma from it yet, but they have to give you all the possibilities when explaining these drugs when they come out. Humans contract osteosarcoma at a 1 in 100,000 rate from other causes than forteo, and the rats they used were predisposed to bone cancer for some reason.

I've been on Forteo for 19 mos, and I don't have any side effects, except a slightly elevated calcium reading and 1 low vitamin D reading since I started it. If you read the following link it will explain that [B]some[/B] people taking Forteo will have these problems with D and calcium, but for me it hasn't been a major problem. If I hadn't had my calcium checked "before" I started Forteo I never would have known it was slightly high, so in my case I had the prob before I started the medication, so I can't blame the initial finding on it.

I started out at -3.6 took Actonel for 15 mos and then went to -3.4 and then went on Forteo. My last dxa lowest reading (which was my hip) was -2.3 which is considered phenomenal results. I "do" have arthritis, scoliosis, many back surgeries with hardware (rods and screws) ankylosing spondylitis, and all these things can make a dxa look worse than it is. Since my first test was a QCT, they believe it was accurate, because they were able to measure the area above the rods and screws L1-L2 and they also did L3-L5, so all I'm saying is these test aren't fool proof, but it's all we have. If you have any of the probs I have you may have that working against you with an accurate score. An example would be how arthritis will make a score lower than it really is, making the dx look worse.

I have never regretted one moment on Forteo, but that's me, and we all have to do what's best for ourselves. They also use Forteo after bone/joint surgeries to speed the healing since it's the only drug in the U.S. that actually grows new bone. Do as much reading as you can to empower yourself and then do what [I]you[/I] think is best. I do believe the testing done by Lily went overboard to scare some people, imho. Yes it has a black box warning about the rats, but since I'm not a rat I don't think about it to much-no pun intended. Rats can't be compared to humans as well as some would think, but they are the only living thing we can test things on-poor rats:( Also, Forteo is the bioactive portion of our own parathyroid hormone which is the main mechanism in our bodies that controls bone resorption and bone formation.

Remember that there are other treatments out there, you don't have to decide on Forteo if you don't want to. In my case I tried other things that didn't work all that well, and I didn't have a lot of time to wait around looking for something else since I had many fx's.

Since I've had so many years of excruciating pain, with my back, that changed my life considerably, I had no problem deciding to take it since no side effect could be worse than what I've already gone through. I know cancer is scary and I've never had it, but I truly don't believe I'll get it from this drug, maybe from something else like the sun, or estrogen, but what are you gonna do when you run out of options. The reason I gave those two examples on cancer is that I was a true sun worshiper for over 30 years, stupid I know now, and also I'm fibrocystic, and have many family members that had breast and uterine cancer, so the estrogen is a constant concern. But living at an extremely deficient estrogen level was preventing me from sleeping and I have to sleep. Sorry for the length :)

Good luck with your decision!!! and welcome aboard:angel:


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