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Hi DesertBloom-
I have had a few dexas over the past approx 2 yrs. None on the same machine. Two on the hologix machine. Two on the GE lunar prodigy. What I am focusing on are the two on the GE machines.
First on GE Aug / 2006
Second on GE Sept 2007 -This second was 10months 3 wks after starting forteo.Again while it is the same make of machine it was not the same machine.
Basically there was no change in my dexa scores over this period.
Ok- with this info what do you think??
Regarding Dr. Licata's comment on forteo lowering pth, the article is titled "Calcium and Vitamin D in Patients on Teriparatide for Osteoporosis" It is dated May 4,2005-approx. 4 paragraphs in length and the comment on pth is found at the end.
Yes it was that doctor who said he would quit at one year, and this was when I had no labs indicating much movement in ntx and bsap. Then when the labs showed a big increase in ntx and a pretty good increase in bsap, he said it wouldn't change his advice. That is where I had an issue, thinking maybe I had a delayed start with 7 wks of fosamax (approx 6 wks before starting forteo). Maybe the delayed start idea is off , but something happened. He was disinclined to talk about it . So, given the above I wasn't ready to stop. Now I am a few months down the road and if I were ever to want to split the therapy period this is the window. I have wondered as I said whether the forteo was hurting me- with elevated 1,25 d and the last urinary cal. We'll see the new labs soon. But I guess if it is hypercalcemia it could be dealt with in another way than just quitting. It would give a little bit longer window to figure out what to do if I stayed on till Oct.
Yes, while we do have different situations to deal with, there is a common thread. I have wondered about whether you were thinking of evista after forteo? Or, something else? Are you still proceeding with the hormone therapy idea. Did you see recent news on fda and bio identical compounding operations??I know I haven't followed up with you on this topic- but, I am going to be getting additional info this week.
I really appreciate sharing on these topics. :) But, for heaven's sake don't sit too long at the computer. Now I need to get my body up and moving.

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