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The deal with my mom has a lot to do with her head. She broke out in a rash once back when I was a child and declared herself to be allergic to the sun and has not once allowed sunlight to touch her skin since. She is also self diagnosed totally lactose intolerant. It has slowly evolved over the years to include any and all food that contains any type of even a milk by-product. This helps to serve her anorexic tendencies. She has a very "sensitive tummy" and therefore cannot tolerate any vitamin supplements. Besides, they might contain lactose. She did not tolerate HRT and was very distressed over her tamoxofen tummy (which actually looked good but for her was too large) so did not continue it as suggested beyond the minimum time period. I've never seen her exercise. I inherited my tiny bone structure from her and she inherited the osteo tendency from her family. All of my great aunts had it.

The family has begged her to eat proper for years. Her old gp was informed of the situation but never pushed the matter. I finally talked her into seeing my gp and we were just getting ready for a concerted effort when she went down. When we finally got her out of the trauma center after 40 days of touch and go in icu and got her transferred closer to home, I had a good long chat with a female DO there that had helped me about a year ago at the er with my thyroid. She told me to start feeding her small amounts of lactose and see what happens. So far, so good and there's been no reaction to it. She also went in and confronted her about her anorexia and scared the living daylights out of her. Finally, someone of authority that was willing to tell her exactly what she was doing to herself. She is now eating. Gained about 15lbs and is up to a whopping 95lbs over the last month. Oh, she's also 5'7 before the osteo shrunk her. She's still being fed lactose without her knowledge. We're going to let the gp handle informing her of that one. I wanna stay out of the flack zone.

She's receiving vitamin d and calcium right now. Also getting physical therapy 3 days a week. We'll figure out where to take it from here. Things have just been too hectic to really formulate a plan.

As for me, there's no way I'm going to continue the boniva or any other biphosphate. I'm not going to exchange one problem for another. I can't face the pain. From what I've read about HRT at the low doses, I'm kinda leaning in that direction. I know there's a slight risk with the breast cancer but with the new imaging techniques and the knowledge that I have an increased risk, anything that happened there could be caught real early. I already have yearly mammo's and u/s's because of the cysts and the family history.

Oh, I rarely do anything when the doc thinks it's right for me. I do stuff when I feel it's right for me. That's why I like my new gp so much. He gets a kick out of it. He's not only smart and has a lot of common sense but he's the only one I've ever run into who actually likes his patients educated. We'll talk about his staff at another time. :mad: I'll talk to him about the patch but I'm not going to start it until I see what this thyroid treatment does. I don't wanna be messing with two sets of hormones at once.

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